Slow motion Rally in Semenyih

"I'll fax you the map, its very easy to ge there"

Yeah, right. So, be warned, when people tell you these things. This is Murphy's Law at its best.

So, when I followed the Map, it was fine. Everything on the map was spot on, and with a 10 metre accuracy. However, what the Map did not say was, for the last 2 Kilometres:

1) There are no tarred roads, only rocks (big pebbles), water and yellow earth
2) The Building is hidden behind the hill
3) You either need a 4x4 or a lorry to continue further
4) The muddy road looked as if a herd of fat hippos tripped themselves all over the place last night
5) If you fall off, there is a nice lake for your swimming pleasure

So, there I was, contemplating whether to go back or not. I was choosing the former because the scenery was so beautiful and I was thinking of coming back the next day with my camera. Heh. So, just to make sure that its the correct path, i gave them a call.

Me: Hello, is this XXX company?
Her: Good Afternnon, this is XXX company.
Me: I was given a Map to your place and I am not sure if this is the route.
Her: [Decribing the route].... so, you just go straight on until you see the white building
Me: White building?
Her: Yes, you see it?
Me: Nope, by the way, its hard for me to cross this path as I have a problem with my car
Her: Haaaaa...........
Me: My car is so lowered I cannot cross the path
Her: Oh... Haaaaa...........

You know, at this time, I am very encouraged to go over the path and strangle her too

This is the one time I really regretted lowering my car as it will be like driving a Formula 1 car on a Rally course. So, for the next gruelling 10 minutes or so, I had to slowly maneuvre the path. I try to imagine I was in a Rally, but with time going sloooooooooooooowwwwly.........

With the Sun's rays reflecting from the whitish yellow earth, it was painful for my eyes and I cannot rest them as this would mean expensive repairs to my car's fibreglass. I can bet you, the lorry drivers are laughing like mad far far away. So, driving 1st gear and with the still wet mud, I can feel the car sliding into deep depressions (which is not so easy to get out of) and the rocks scraping the car underneath.

It was a horrible horrible track. But then again, the scenery with the bright sun, is wonderful. I have never seen such beautiful cliffs eroded by rain.

The mud is OK, but I am worried about looking underneath

This reminds me, I have not washed my car for months. Yes, months

This is what happens when you have a missing mudflap