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The trip down South Part Two

On the second day, I woke up quite lethargic because of some noise next to me. And not only that, the new Nokia mobile phone vibrated every few minutes so, I

It is now 0745 in the morning. Too bad the window is not clean

The Banana bread was wonderful and so was the egg.

So, I decided to scramble for more eggs. Oh, the sambal was just right
But what made my morning was the dhal. It was thick and nice. Too
bad they ran out of nasi lemak

Since Johor Baru is next to Singapore, a lot of Johoreans
install their TV aerials to receive Singaporean TV programs

The Trip down South Part One

So, today is Monday and we're due to go down South this time. But because there were two customers having system downs during the weekend, I had to pop by to see if they're alright after the technicians did some recovery work. By the time I have done my work and reported to the office, there was another site which needed my attention. So, I decided to go there, solve the problem and them meet up with my Boss. By the time both of us were ready to go down, it was after one in the afternoon. Sad to say, by the time we reached Batu Pahat, it was already quarter to five and we have exactly thirty minutes to dismantle two PABXs at two different locations. Which means we have to split ourselves. But once it was done, we broke fast with our client before continuing our journey to Johor Bahru. It was a long drive mainly because both of us were tired and by the time we reached there, it was already late. Since we're not familiar with the area, we had a hard time looking for a Hotel. Luckily, we found the city and decided to go for Crystal Crown instead of those RM40 shoplot Hotels.

Halfway during our search for a Hotel, there was this particular person who called. Maybe because we're both tired and cranky or maybe because its him. He called to ask if I am still outstation which I replied I was. To cut the long story short, it was a call to remind me to attend a seminar in Seremban this Saturday and to make sure I am fully committed to this MLM thing. And I am not happy about his instructions to skip those Weddings and come straight to the seminar. In fact, I am not even happy about him instructing me to tell my Boss that I have the rights to take leave on those occasions. And I am even not happy about the things he talked about my cousins when they are not interested in this venture as (they have gone through this before).

Wedding invitations are a privilege (contrary to the oft belief that it is a dreaded "saman" and is a forced obligation to attend). It is a privilege because your friends have thought of you. I cannot just abort the special occasion and then drive down to Seremban/Melaka for this. It is also incredulous to even suggest that I should not attend my nephew's wedding because this MLM is more important. I HAVE to be there as there is a CEREMONY to conduct. I am not a Christian and ignoring my practice of my birthright religion shows how I am perceived both as a friend as a slave to this MLM. In fact, it is downright insulting to get me to ditch all my friends and families to concentrate on this. It is even downright insulting to tell me what is important and what is not according to the MLM rules and priorities. I have my commitments and I have to right to distribute my commitments and not just for this. Its called responsibility.

By getting into this MLM, I would assume it would be my solution for financial freedom but if this means abandoning my family and friends, then it is not worth it at all. I cannot just drop everthing and then follow your pace of life. There are a lot of things I have to clear up and consider before I can do what you want me to do, Master. A few people already know that my company has gone through a lot of crisises and now, it is not the right time to leave everyone to drown after all the rats have jumped ship. I owe it to my friend who has given me so many chances. Ditching them now, in their hour of need is like telling your Mom, "Thanks, Mom. I have to go and scam more people. Oh, by the way, can you please put everything that is yours in my name on your way to die?"

What the fuck, man. As soon as I have time to breathe from all this busy work schedules, I think I am going to stop this nonsense once and for all.

[This post has been re-edited many times to take out most of the obscenities and very angry words]

Saw this accident at Batu Pahat, just a few kilometres from my customer.
The funny thing was, just 100m ahead, there was a Police Roadblock
and they were not interested in the accident.

This is the Batu Pahat Mall. The way the escalators were built
was quite interesting and we summised that it just opened
Because everything was new and most of the shoplots were
still empty. Oh, and one of the escalators were under repair

And just before the Senai (I think) exit, there were these bright
LEDs lamps on the road. On the left were Red LEDs, White for the
middle and Yellow for the right. We felt like airline pilots going through
a very long runway

A word of warning about this hotel. Any vehicle at the 2.0metre mark
better be careful when entering, especially at the ramps leading to
other levels. The clearance was 2.4 metres and I felt claustrophobic