See? Anger wounds are difficult to heal.
And it takes a long time


Nowdays, with the two girls running about, its very difficult for me to have a quiet moment. Whatever things I raided from the fridge, they would hear it and wants some too. And sometimes, when I need to read some newspaper or document, they're there to wreak havoc. And at times, when you needed to do things, Wife would call you too. So, as far as privacy or personal time is concerned, there is none.

Until that is, when I returned to my favourite past-time. Whenever anyone goes to the toilet, everyone else who knows you're in there, would not disturb you, even if its an emergency. Now, that is a brilliant idea!

When I was in the toilet, I used to read papers, sketch my ideas, read comics, take apart some stuff and so on. Its not about multi-tasking but once you get used to the smell, its a wonderful escape. Unless, you plan to eat stuff in there.

But, there is another problem. Because if you ate too much, the stuff you plan to clog the toilet might be stuck inside and you'd be in there groaning and sweating instead of enjoying complete peace and total zoning out.

This is from bad vege and I could not concentrate
on my newspapers. Must learn the art of Pangsai
from the good ol' Loctor

DIY Zinger

Two slices of Gardenia bread, eggtart's bak gua,
omellete with lots of onions. I could have added
some cheese and also a bit of sandwich spread.
But nah, I am hungry

The exercise machine

This was a former clothes hanger until someone
found other use for it

I snake today Part III

So, the next item after getting the strap and UV lens would be a camera bag. And it must not be just any camera bag.

1. My first criteria is that the camera bag must not look like a camera bag. They even said that some people or security guards know how to tell by just looking at the lable (e.g. Lowepro, Bagman, etc.).

2. The second criteria is that the bag must have a good opening system where I can quickly take the camera out and start shooting.

3. Shape of the bag. Initially I thought of a belt-mounted system but this would not work if I am driving or sitting down. And they tend to be very bulky, making you look as if you have grown an elephant snout at your waist.

So, if I cannot get any bag, then I will have to go around scouting for one which has the closest match to my ideals. Getting one custom made is tempting but not cost effective. I was actually thinking of a sling bag and line the insides with washing liquid sponge. So, after telling Ken about my choice, he came up with the perfect solution. Actually, to be frank, it almost looksvlike Loctor's Crumpler bag.... Ha ha ha

So, there are tow colours and they're from different manufacturers
Here's the weird part: They look alike, apart from the colours

My friend got the Casemate (right) while I went for the Kani (nah) as I
liked the lighter brown.

Ken even gave us a Nikon Bag to carry our bags away....... huh?
The insides of mine was orange while my friend's was blue and
it has a lot of sompartments which you can arrange as they are
velcro mounted.

Why I like it immediately? This one has no zips
and only velcro. And there are a lot of pockets too.
So, if I need to take my D50 out, I just tear the flap
away and that's it. But in case you travel a lot, they
have two clip-on buckles to secure the flap

Now, the only thing is, I wonder how people will see me when I wear my hip pouch and the sling bag at the same time.....

I snake today Part II

Since I needed a longer strap and also a UV filter, my friend brought me to svhor where they're selling the Matin straps for RM38 or so. The place is literally just across the road from where we ate. Once we're inside, the place was filled with a lot of accessories! Although we promised ourselves to just go in and get out, we spent more than two hours there. While he was testing some lens, I went for the Matin strap (last two), a UV filter, a lens cap and a camera bag (more on this on the next post). Ken Wong was a very helpful and practical guy who advises you a lot on what you need for you camera. He even told us that a week ago, they had a Group test using the Nikon D3. The showroom/studio was set up with an area with a live model, an area for still life shot and some good lens just for that session. All you need to do was to register and bring your own CF card.

Anyway, here is the place:
Direct Photo
28-2, Block N, Jalan 3/93A, Warisan City View
Batu 2 1/2, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-92055868
fax: +603-92055663
Website: www.directphoto.com.my
EMail: directphoto_2000@yahoo.com

Ken Wong with the lens my friend was trying out

What can you possibly not buy? Not in the picture are the studio flash
and tripods. They even have a sofa for you to sit on while you decide
what you need. I wished they served drinks and cakes too. Ha ha ha

This was a setup for studio shot for the Nikon D3 testing session.

My 52mm UV filter and another lens cap (which I will drill a hole)

I snake today Part I

So today, I told my Boss that I need to pick up my daughter from Kindergarten and then meet a friend in the afternoon. And just in case, I took a half day leave. But unfortunately, I actually forgot about taking the half-day leave this morning and went straight to work instead. Then again, by right, I should not be taking any leave this week as most of our customers are about to close for the Chinese New Year and therefore, we're really up to our necks with service calls.

Anyway, I still had to met up with my friend after Kristine has been taken care of. He was actually my ex-colleague and he did not know much about my D50 until he logged in to Photo Malaysia and somehow ended up at Loctor's Blog which then pointed to me. Ha ha ha ha. Such a Small World. Anyway, as promised, we met and had lunch first at Jalan Peel before going to the place.

This place has a very nice Yong Tou Fu.

Just the soup and rice alone is good enough for me. And I
did not detect any MSG in the soup (maybe I was too hungry)

Oh, those delicious brinjals

While waiting, I practised on my "Hip shots"

This was me shooting up the tree where
someone was using it to dry some clothes
and hang the National Flag

Anger revisited

As I have said, even though the damage is healed, you can
still see the scars. And it will be a long time before it goes
away completely

The finger

Its more than a week now, the black part (blood) had dried
up and became hard. Sometimes its itchy and sometimes its
painful. Once it breaks, I can see the wound. Now, I have to
wait for the eyelash to break too....

War with the Giant

I know these signboards have been there for more than a year but I could never take these shots when I was driving until now. This is the stretch from Sri Damansara towards Puchong.

[Top to bottom]
1. Giant believes the whole stretch belongs to them
2. It happily tells you that it has the biggest and newest outlet
3. Then Tesco spoiled Giant's perfect scenery

[Top to bottom]
1. Giant quickly responds that it is just 500 meters away
2. And just in case you forgot, Giant now is just 100 meters away. So why bother driving 5.6Km?
3. Oh, we're getting nearer now and Giant makes sure you really do not forget about them

[Top to bottom]
1. Just one more sign at the last exit. To remind you, in case you forgot. Really
2. Oops! You passed the last exit! Quick, there is a U-turn and you can still travel 1KM, right?
3. But Tesco says, no need as they're only 200 meters away.

The poison is slowly seeping in..........

Everyone has warned about the poison when I entered the DSLR World. I tried my best to keep away from the poison and I know its slowly working into my system because.....

Just today, I wished I had a wide angle lens
(and a nice tarpaulin to lie on so that I do not
have a wet and grassy T-shirt.......)

AC is AC and DC is DC

Me: You know how to measure AC current, right?
Tech: Yeah
Me: You just turn the knob to AC, OK?
Tech: OK
Me: The you put the probes and switch on, OK
Tech: OK.

Days later.....

Me: Can I borrow your meter, please?
Tech: Er, cannot.
Me: Why not?
Tech: Broken
Me: Why broken?

Tech hands me the meter and I opened it up......

Me: You tested AC with the DC setting, didn't you?
Tech: .........
Me: Haih.......... (No eye see)

XD.0911 Revolver

Something is wrong with me. I know I should not be buying this but yet I went ahead. Moreover, the toy is not as big as a real version. Cheh. Waste money only.

The size is ideal for a child.

Maybe the reason I bought it was because I have

never seen this type of loading before. Ha ha ha ha

Yeap, don't even dare trust moulded bullets. You can
still see parts of the sprues and they're not perfect

Poor Kaelynn

Kaelynn went out to play outside the verandah without
wearing any shoes. We scolded her many times because
although the house is ready, there are still a lot of sand
and sharp rocks. . . .
Still, with a swelling thumb, sore backside and now this,
she is very brave in dealing with the pain

Midnight shots

Still in the middle of excitement over the D50 and couldn't sleep, I decided to take some night shots. . . . . .

Note to self: Remove the small stupid metal piece on
the tripod before I scratch the D50's underside

Don't ask me what I was doing because at 130 in the morning,
I have absolutely no idea at all.

Alison Jackson

These are shots recreated by Ms Alison Jackson.

Imagine Camilla wearing the Crown or Bill Gates with an iPod

Ron97 alternative

I am seriously looking into this as an alternative to petrol. Everyone and a half days, I need to pump RM30 (15.625 litres) of petrol into the van. And if I am carrying a passenger and more stuff, I have to pump even sooner. And the van gives me about a measly 180KM in return, which works out to about RM11.5 per KM. Looking at the past few months, the van guzzled up about RM400 per month. So, this means I am travelling about say, 2800KM per month.

Now, lets assume the claim of RM9.00 per full NGV tank gives me about 180KM and there is a switch (I was told) that I could switch between petrol and NVG which means, when the NGV tank is low pressure (empty) and there is no NGV Pterol station nearby, I could use petrol instead, provided I filled it up first.

OK, lets work out some theoretical numbers:

Cost of full Tank-----RM30
Maximum distance-180KM
Cost per KM----------RM0.17
Cost for 2800KM----RM466.67

Cost of full Tank------RM9
Maximum distance--180KM
Cost per KM-----------RM0.05
Cost for 2800KM-----RM140

The cost of coversion to NGV is Rm3000 or so, and therefore, after the 10th month, it would have paid for itself already

However, all this is too good to be true, right? Yep. So far, after asking around, those using it have made me realise a few things:

1) You might have to join a long queue with the Taxis in the morning and evening. Other times, its a short queue
2) The NGV tank is huge and could take up quite a significant amount of space in the van (maybe 1/3 volume space)
3) Only Petronas has NGV
4) I cannot use my Real Reward card for a lot of points

So, is this the way to go? Time can only tell but just today, while at the Petronas station, already vans are starting to go the NGV way. I spoke to a "mini" bus driver and he showed me two tanks which costs him RM4000 four years ago, and now, he claimed the price would be RM6000 for the same two NGV tanks. Petrol prices have increased and there is the usual fear that
after the election, it would even go up more, which in turn, increases the price of goods.

But should I suggest it? The only one who is on a win-win situation would be me and not the company. Go figure.

That van is similar to the one I am driving now

Anger in Action

This is the problem with anger. The mark is not easy to disappear once you have cool down. And even if its gone, it will still be there. I have a lot of friends advising me to cool down and also keep my temper. But this is not a good solution because those tempers keeping inside me is bound to explode anytime. So, I have to let go. But No, you all advise me to control myself, etc. Its easy for you to say as you're not in my shoes.

So fuck you. I am who I am and I am not you. If you want to accept me, then you have to accept my temper. I have no time for "Holier than thou assholes" and cowards.

No, I did not do this

Because I would ask myself, "Why would I want to do that?"

Random shots

OK, so I decided to try taking some random shots when I can while I was driving on the road today....

This is a cigarette promotion for the Chinese New Year.
So, they guy buys it and when he opened the box, there
was only one box of ciggies but the space was enough
for two........ Ha ha ha hah!

This is my prototype Tricorder

There is a reason why I hate zips. This one on my left
refuses to open most of the time while the ones on the
right shoe opens all the time after a few steps.
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Monday Traffic Jam

I know this is a Monday but this is ridiculous. Chances are, there something in KL which is causing this huge traffic jam. Even my friends travelling at the Federal Highway also experienced this. If this has something to do with the stupid Weekend PROTES, then it makes me feel very violent towards these groups. I see no point in going to KL, causing a jam there, also
running at the risk of being arrested just for the fun of shouting slogans, holding placards and getting your usgly face taken in the hopes of being in the papers the next day (or wanted photos).

So, what's the high in this? Lets say, you're in the papers and your colleagues read about it. Would they see you as a Hero? How about your immediate Supervisors? How would they see it? A troublemaker? A very vocal staff? Maybe at the canteen, you will be congratulated and you will feel like a Superstar. Then, the latest news reported at least 50 people were arrested.
How would you feel by now? A wanted criminal? The month of December and January are usually where staff would be appraised, getting their bonuses and maybe a pay rise. So, what are your chances of getting them now? You should have thought about this before doing such things, you stupid moron.

There are other ways to protest about the rising prices. But of course, such weekend parties like this would not work. Its not even coordinated country-wide even. The effect is like you shouting and complaining in Petaling Street that a stall there ripped you off. Yeah, make sure everyone looks at you and also you have an escape plane because the moment everyone turns their
heads, you're on the way to the Hospital. You want to make a lasting effect? Its easy and you can't be arrested for it. Here's how:

For one week, do not:
1) Drive the car, use the bus, or LRT. Get a bike
2) Do not eat out, go to pubs or even shop. Stay at home
3) Don't even switch on the lights, the air-con or even take a bath
4) Go to work but work like a Government staff
5) You can buy some foodstuff but not too much, just enough to survive for a week.
6) Don't even bother to use your mobile phone unless you are in a life and Death situation. Then again, when you're in this situation, using your mobile phone would be the last thing on your mind.

Easy or not? Because, in order to make a mark in this country, you would have to sacrifice your comfortable lifestyle, your habits and more. And you have to make sure your colleagues, neighbours and everyone else is doing this. And if you all cannot achieve this, then it is already a failure. Just for one week, the whole of Malaysia would be in a stand-still. The economy
would go nuts. Then the Government would get off their high horse and take notice.

Protesting at KLCC is just a circus show for clowns, who are looking for short-term solutions and a nice warm jail-cell.

On the way to my Office, the Jalan Duta was jammed up.
So I used the Jalan Duta Toll. Ha ha ha! See the jam on
the other side?

Rats! The exit to Sungei Buloh was jammed up! It took me 20 minutes
to go 20 metres

Now, this is something my FujiFilm Finepix s5500
cannot to. Take a proper rear view mirror picture

It had to happen

Many times, when Kaelynn follows Kristine about,
she would set slammed behind and then she would
cry because she was too small to open the door. And
today, she was unlucky as the door slammed and caught
her thumb. Ina few days time, the fingenail is going to
drop off. I am angry about this because I have told
Kristine many times not to slam doors

Kristine the Gymnast

Well, I would not like to see her swinging on these
clothes thingamajig anytime soon. I can't bear the
Hospital bills.

Made in China

A customer went to China and came back with these. And this is where the headache starts. We are, or rather, I am, being tasked to install these items for them, assuming we have the expertise to do so. No one ever bothered to take a look at the manuals to see if there are any installation notes or connection diagrams. All they did was to flip the book, and say, its easy. When I looked at the manual, and even the half complete website, I could not find anything to help me.


And so, I had to take some items back for some testing (read: dissected Frog legs in a lab) whether they like it or not. Unfortunately, today is Monday and I still have not done anything yet as we're up to our necks with other customers and more calls are pilling up everyday.


Looking at the quality of these things, they are good but its going to take ages to set them up.

This is a new design dome camera. It can swivel
to a lot of angles. And can see in the dark.

Once you open it up, it looks like an electronic

This is the one that is giving me problems. A thumbprint reader
and a door lock controller. There are three of these and I do not
want to program three sets of fingerprints for every user. It not
only looks stupid but, heck, its ridiculous

This is a power supply for a door access
I have never seen such a big PSU before

Its curtains for me!

After the trip back from KK, its still not over yet. All the curtains I have taken down are to be put up here. And not only that, I need to install the curtain rails as well.

All the curtain rails from Macy I have 10 windows to
do. Die lor.....

But what's this? The metal piece to join two curtain rails

have a problem: They cannot fit with the curtain rails!

Yipee! No need to do the work!

But sadly, there are some windows which do not need

to use those metal pieces and so, after three hours and
five windows later, I am done

Cannibalising for the D50

OK, I know what I need for my D50 now: A camera strap and a camera bag. I was wearing the Nikon strap and its a bit too short for me, making me really look like a kid with his water bottle hanging on his neck. So, I used the FujiFilm strap since it was long enough. I like to strap cameras across my shoulders or wrap the straps on my wrist. Thinking about that, maybe I should get a wrist strap too. Or maybe I should be able to find a cheap velcro strap lying about in one of my customer's place...... ha ha ha ha.

Then, there is the camera bag. It must be small enough and well padded and still do not look like a camera bag in case I need to argue with Hypermarket security guards again. Oh yeah, it must be less than RM60 as well.

Oh well, one thing at a time.

This was my FujiFilm Finepix s5500. The straps gone
and see the green tape? That is to tape the memory card
door as when it comes off, the camera switches itself off

Stopping the leak

This is a tap. When you twist the lever, water will come out.
Water does a lot of good things. But Kaelynn thinks it is fun.
If we don't do anything about it, the whole water tank will be
empty. So, with the money left, I got this but not enough
for a padlock....