War with the Giant

I know these signboards have been there for more than a year but I could never take these shots when I was driving until now. This is the stretch from Sri Damansara towards Puchong.

[Top to bottom]
1. Giant believes the whole stretch belongs to them
2. It happily tells you that it has the biggest and newest outlet
3. Then Tesco spoiled Giant's perfect scenery

[Top to bottom]
1. Giant quickly responds that it is just 500 meters away
2. And just in case you forgot, Giant now is just 100 meters away. So why bother driving 5.6Km?
3. Oh, we're getting nearer now and Giant makes sure you really do not forget about them

[Top to bottom]
1. Just one more sign at the last exit. To remind you, in case you forgot. Really
2. Oops! You passed the last exit! Quick, there is a U-turn and you can still travel 1KM, right?
3. But Tesco says, no need as they're only 200 meters away.

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