Farnell 2007 Catalogue

Whoohoo! Farnell's 2007 Catalogue is out! I am so happy!!!!
I think I am going to read the catalogue tonight and then make
a list of all the new elelctronics components I want to buy!
And best of all, I get a Newark catalogue too, even if I cant
buy most of the stuff there. But its so thick!

This is better than sex, thrust me. Bwahahahahha!

Weekend with Kristine

This is the weekend we get to go out and buy stuff for the house and everyone. We're so busy, sometimes it is hard for us to take time off to go out. This is more often my fault because I was always away for work as in some intasllations, after office hours are the best time to work. Moreover, at our current place, going into the city takes an hour and its so far too.

But for the moment where time is precious, this weekend was crucial for the both of us since we need to get new clothes and stuff for the New Year. And next weekend, I am or should be or could be, in Penang. Which does not leave us much time.

Still it was also a good opportunity for me to try out Mom's Motorola L6 camera phone

Kristine telling Kaelynn that she is not coming with us (not)

At Mr. Teppanyaki, Kristine was getting bored waiting for the
food to arrive. And the Snoopy bottle is not helping either

Mango pudding or rice first. A difficult choice

And after the meal, so full of energy Kristine begins to wreak havoc

A moment of peace where Kristine is mesmerised by the
ice skaters

Then she found a Teddy Bear. Oh-oh

And she discovered Women's secrets

She was too fast. Here, Kristine was pulling at those things

And hiding behind skirts

And trying to take out wallets

And get free perfume samples

The we stopped by A&W before she discovered too late
that the horrible Waffles she hated, was actually delicious.

Before we started to go home, Kristine got ice cream

And one last stop at Giant where she tried on
some shoes which was too big for her