Jusco's J-Card Day

You know, this is a very very very crazy idea. I actually took leave to go to a Sale. Or to be mre accurate, Jusco's J-Card Members Day. This is the time where, JayaJusco would post Guards at every entrance, create barricades in the form of counter tables and well, they put in everything short of armed response units, guard dogs and the kitchen sink. Oh wait, the kitchen sink has been put up for sale.

And so, after settling some issues, we were late by half an hour. I was not worried at first because although this was the second and last day, there were no traffic jams or a sea of cars outside Mid-Valley. The first indication were all the parking signs have red light on them with the dreaded fourletter word; FULL. It was not until we entered the parking area did we realise that all the parking bays are really full. And this was only about 1030 in the morning. So, I was starting to get pissed off because this would mean having to drive around and around until we get a free spot. And I was not in the mood because there were a lot of these slow drivers who happen to just hog the pane and looking for parking spots. You can see it because everyone inside the car in front of you would be looking left and right, following with a lot of excited finger pointing. So, after some frantic speeding and horning a few cars out of the way, we found, by some miracle, about 10 or so free parking spots!

By the time we got out, and just to make up with all the horning, I pointed to other cars on the remaining parking lots. Actually, I was mouthing, "Your car sucks and stop polluting the basement." while pointing to the exit. But for those who failed lip reading classes, they would interpret the message as, "Hello, you good looking people, I have found some nice parking spots over there."

One of the reasons we were late.

And so, another crazy stunt from us.
Breakfast at MacDonalds

Suffice to say, the first thing we did after a nice meal was the men's section where I had to get at least three shirts and a pair of pants. I got what I wanted after my Wife calmed me down and told me that the RM149.00 pants have 70% off. Phew. After the girls got what they needed, it was time for me to get them away from the Wife so that she can have some "me" time to herself. Its not easy to simply buy stuff there because not everything is cheap and so, you need to be "sober" and think before buying. In the meantime, I took the kids to the Toys section (ya ha ha hah haah) where they played with games consoles, watched other people play the arcade machines and well, what else, look at toys la.

And so, with the girls in the Arcade section,
the next thing I have to worry about is
Lunch for the girls.

Some were so busy that they not only
have to buy stuff, but play with the
kids too.

Luckily for me, they are still not used
to my putting in coins to make the
machines work or move. But that time
is about to end soon which means I'll
have to fork out money for them.

Anyway, the two cups of oranges,
a strawberry waffle and a corn in
the cup costs me close to RM10.00
And then they want ice-creams.....

By the time they have finished their meals, Mommy popped up just in time. And so, we went Lunch at Oasis. Um, the less said about this place the better. Just that we should have gone to the Food Court two floors above. This place has nothing to shout about apart from the Portuguese Grilled Fish which always have a long line of customers.

Kristine with her natural pose

And Kaelynn with hers

And after Lunch, we needed to get Kaelynn her new school bag which means going back to the Madho..... er, I mean Jusco. With everyone settled, I let Wife continue with her shopping while I led the girls to Toys R Us. It was weird being in Jusco as almost in every aisle, there are Sales Staff (or temp ones) trying to help you and also recommend products, not forgetting live demos of cooking equipment and free wrapping. I felt as if I was in Singapore in the 80's. But there is a difference here. The moment I touch an item or look at it for more than three seconds, they will rush to you like an Insurance agent at an Accident scene, asking "You want to buy this?". Whoa. That was fast. So fast that I could not answer with, "No, I want to steal it", or "Sure, if you let me try this in you" but reduced to a mere "Get-the-F***-out-of-my-face" hand wave.

As soon as the girls took off their shoes,
some of the children followed suit. Which
is good as they know the "procedures"

But alas, once it as time to go,
I realised their feet were black
from running around the play
area. You can't see most of the
dirt now as most of them have
transferred to their shoes.

Still, I have to remind them again
and again, not to step on the car
seats once we start to go home.

And yes, this is one of the reason
we went there. Now she looks like
that Lava Girl.......No, not Lala Mui.

And before you know it, eight hours has passed. Yes, eight while I felt as if it was three. Man, this is crazy. Still, we more or less got what we wanted and I am sure, the Bank Manager is sleeping soundly that night. But somehow, I did feel any sense of accomplishment mainly because there was nothing I wanted there apart from the necessary items such as new work clothes and dashboard cleaner. Maybe my mind was on the Black Bicycle. Oh well.