Effective Milk drinking by Kristine

Hello, everybody,

I am Krsitine. Everynight, before Mommy and Daddy force us to go to sleep, we have to drink a bottle of milk and a bottle of water. But I am too excited to drink them one by one. This is the time where Mommy and Daddy cannot chase after me because they are so tired that they fall on the bed like zombies. So, I can play and run and shout with my sister as much as I like until both of us are sleepy.

This is the bad way of drinking, one bottle
after another. Takes up a lot of my playtime

This is the effective way of drinking.
You save a lot of time too!

So now, you have more time for fun!
(Does my sister look like Sigourney Weaver?)

Hotwheels Spector

When I was at the Amcorp Mall yesterday afternoon to dismantle a system, I passed by one of the toy shops and came across one of Hotwheel's latest. This is called the Spector and its a completely new design. I think they did a series before, where the cars sort of transformed into small robot figures but i don't think it caught on. Anyway, they gave me a good price and I just couldn't refuse. But one thik I hate about Hotwheels is, apart from their increased prices (and now, recycled models for Batman) is that their websites does not update much about their latest model. Until I happen to "remember" when I go to a toy shop or at some Hypermarket checkout counter.

Looking closely at the toy, I think its more like a quad-bike instead of a car. Or maybe its just an exercise in design. It looked more like a cybernetic jaguar with its hind legs chopped off and replaced with some engine and big wheels. Or it was driving the cart when it suddenly split in half....

This is the package. Even at first glance, it already
stood out from other cars. And looking at the bottom,
I assumed the car can bend itself from wheel to wheel

But alas, it could not as the front arm
was fixed. All it could do was to stretch
out like a lazy little cat

And since the back is plastic, the silver paint did
not hold up well. It flaked off when I scratched it
with my little pinkie fingernail