The Addiction of NERF

My Wife hated the girls playing with the guns,
especially the NERF guns. But she was caught
in the act, wouldn't let go until she fired a few
shots. I think, secretly, she is practicing to
shoot me when the girls are not around.
How else can I explain why she is taking
so much interest in the faulty sight?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Windmill, the Doctor and the Ruse

Tonight was a funny one. After eating (some) their dinners, the girls were their usual selves, playing and running about while screaming at the same time. And then, when I cornered them, we saw something............

It was a broken windmill, but I
cannot pinpoint which of the
two monkeys that did it.

And so, Kaelynn spun it about on the floor

While I took a small stick and showed her how to
turn it into a fan.

Then, she went off and got her bag which she is now
a Doctor, doing house calls.

And her unsuspecting, patient is none other
than Kristine.

She got Kristine to lie on the bed and began treatment

Strange that they want to be in the room, so quiet
and obedient. It was not until I went out and came
back later, they were eyeing the seaweed packs I
bought for my oats in the office. By this time, they
were almost finished. And so, I let them have it
all, but saved some for myself.

Basketcase Transport

When you are the passenger, depending on your
size, you either get squashed or hang on for dear
Life. Here, where Mommy is more forgiving, you
get to rest your feet.

1W LED Night Light

Yes, I am bored. Almost bored to Death in the Office.
And so, I decided to see if the bulb here claimed to be
what it was supposed to be. Yeah, I am in need of a 1
watt LED all of a sudden for no apparent reason.

The cover snapped off easily, which means weak glue
but the I had to break the plactics holding the LED.

Or shall I say, LEDs? That is not a 1watt LED in there!
The right is the 1watt LED. What a rip-off!
Oh, well At least I wasted 20 minutes in the Office.

The Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Pricess who doted on her Pooh. Wherever she goes, the Pooh goes with her. She was all Princessy and cutesy and cheesy and so on, while the Pool was cool with it. She was so awfully and sugary cute, it was revolting.

That is, before Kaelynn smacked some sense back to her. The End.

Making a meal out of oats

Today, after more than a month, I started with eating oats again. I stopped not because I got fed up with it but because Mom bought a big pack, there was no airtight container big enough to store it in the office. So, after more than a month looking for THE container, I gave up. In the end, I just used an office clip to seal the bag.

Heh. This was last night's dinner. Mom turned
the leftovers into sandwiched. Me? I scraped
them into the cup, and ate the bread. Later on,
I added the oats into it. Nice curry flavouring!

Later on, because I am in the office the whole day,
I used whatever was left of the seaweed into the
mushroom soup flavoured oats. As the seaweed
were dry, I just rubbed and crushed them by
hand so that they would come out as flakes.

Very nice! And of this keeps up, I might try the spicy
Seaweed in place of the mushroom powder since its
almost finishing. So, I saved money for lunch. He he.

My Day at the Office

I spent the whole day in the Office today. And by 12 I was already bored. Throughout my whole working Life, I was so used to going out on the field, that just staying put during office hours is really torturing. When I was in the car, I get to listen to music, drive around, learn new routes, see things and "on the way" buy stuffs too (if I had extra cash).

But sitting in the office is just that. Sitting. Parking my big fat butt on the chair for 8 hours, doing boring paperwork, (and surfing the Internet *ahem*). Going to the pantry/toilet at first was exciting because it was the only reprieve. But after going there for the umpteenth time, it was getting monotonous. If there were incoming calls for technical assistance, I would take it with gusto. But there was none. Sigh. One week, we had service calls so full that we could not take anymore. And the next, it was so bad that even swatting flies could be considered as work. Yep, the economic effect is starting to affect us in this Industry.....

Luckily, I was saved by a vendor who asked me to
test on their voicemail system because it was said
to have the Bahasa Malaysia language (Indonesia)

Unfortunately, when I turned it over, there was
this message stating there is a problem with the
motherboard. But that did not deter me.

It was not until half an hour later when I got all
the necessary items to start testing in the Lab
that the full impact of the problem hit me. Yes,
it does have Malay (Indonesian) Language. Yes,
it also have English. But no, the third language
is Thai. We needed the third language to be in
Chinese Mandarin. Oh well, fun's over.

Never rush things

This morning was one of those unusual morning where I woke up minutes after my Wife. OK, so I had a good night's sleep. Anyway, with abuot 40 minutes to spare, I decided to continue with my sub project which is to complete the BNC tester part of the CCTV tester.

While rushing to make the hole bigger with
a rotary tool, I lost my concetration and it
snapped off, leaving most of the part stuck
inside the melted plastic.

As the melted plastic cooled off, it was hard to
remove the bit as it crumbled when I used a
pair of pliers. Stupidly, using a drill to drill it
out was not a nice thing to do as the abrasives
wore out the drill bit too.

So, after leaving it there, I continued when I came
back in the evening where I had better sense. I
took a screwdriver and used a tin can as a hammer
to take it out. Phew.