Floor tiles

"Cleaning up" after people are one of the things I hate. For more than 10 years I have been in this service industry, more often than not, I end up picking up the pieces long after they have gone. Its bearable at first but after that, once you get used to it, its downright irritating and also the fact that they're getting away with it too.

It was less than a year that we moved back in, the floor tiles or rather, the parquet floor has become loose. Dad had gotten the useless contractor to recfity them but after a few times, even more tiles have become loose. And so, knowing its useless to get them to redo the whole floor since we have settled in, I decided to DIY myself. Oh, OK. It was Wife's orders.

So, its time to open up the expensive glue I bought some
time ago. Actually, I made a mistake of adding water to
it. I always forget not to do this until too late. Anyway, I
poured the glue into the shallow dish and used a pencil to
spread the thick goo under the tile. Then, I just press it
back in place, on the floor. Sometimes, I have to hold it
until the glue sort of hardens. It also helps when the kids
are asleep so that they do not walk over the tiles.

You can see the uneveness of the tiles due to my
most excellent craftsmanship.

And not a sign of glue anywhere, thanks to my
great hand-eye coordination.

Just in case one wakes up, she is ordered not
to get off the bed. Or else.