System installation @ IMC Part II

With only three days more to go, our customer is getting nervous. This is because at the main site, the telephone lines are not up yet and the phone company is not answering the customer's calls. This is surprising as its already Saturday and most companies by now, do not work on Saturdays. Moreover, because Monday is Deepavali, most are taking the advantage of another three day weekend.

Anyway, I have sent my senior tech there so that he can continue the installation while myself and the remaining techs are to be stationed in Sentul. Just like their corporate office, the site here is not going as planned too. Since this floor is separated into two wings, the other wing have not had their floors completed. While the completed wing still has a lot of things to do, most of the tables are not up, not their phone jacks connected. And here, the phone lines are partially up, as there were some voltages but no dial tone. So, we mounted the system and did as much as we can before rushing over to the main site to help our senior tech. And we continued with the work until about four in the afternoon.

And because of this, I could not tear myself away to help send Nexus to Sentral for his flight back home. Luckily, my wife was available at that time as she finished her business with her Sister in Law. Phew.
So, here we are, minding our own business
while chaos reigned outside. I am impressed
because they could re-install the system all
by themselves.

Two hours later, it is all done and come
Tuesday they will do the cabling which we
hoped the main contractor would redo it at
the side of the wall as promised.

The sight at the main wing

And the sight at the other wing