Present from MacDonalds

Whenever they can, my parents would sneak off and take Kristine to MacDonalds. There, she can have fun at the mini playground, eat ice-creams and other sweet stuff which we would never buy for her, except once in a while. So, this time, there was a Hello Kitty promotion and she got a Hello Kitty Videocam. Well. the package looked like a videocam but actually, its just an LED shining on a set of six templates so you can make some patterns on a surface. And Kristine was thrilled to bits. Well, for a few nights. The she got bored and that was the time I managed to get it away from her.........

So, this is a Hello Kitty videocam

When you open the LCD flap, you will find that there is
no LCD. The flap serves as a cover for a compartment
to keep the pattern disk

Slot the disk in, and then shine it on a
wall/body/face/bum, etc. And you
will see a pattern

I was to tempted to open up the casing (as the LEDs
were too bright) to modify it so that the light does
not leak out to the casing. I couldn't because it
uses those screws with funny heads which
needs a special screwdriver just like the
toys at Burger King. Darn.
Oh, press the yellow button for some fun

A Walk in the Park C

She has her fun with t

I like this design on the swings as it is
not so easy for kids to fall out. But as
the height cannot be adjusted, they
would have to lift their legs higher
or else it would drag on to the
ground, twisting the ankles

A Walk in the Park B

Then there were these idiots riding about in their bikes
If they happen to crash into any kid, I think everyone
would rush over and beat them to a pulp

This dustbin is not part of the decoration.
Its just that someone threw it onto the
bush and it knocked the cover off

Oh boy, when Kristine saw the swings, she was so
excited, the was about to ditch her bike and
wanted to run over there. I refused to pick
up after her and forced her to use her bike
to go there. But instead......

First, it was with Mommy and sis

A Walk in the Park A

So, today is would be a special day for the two girls because we're going to take them to the open park instead of the usual evening walk around the neighborhood, terrorising everyone. We were planning to take them for quite a while but due to my busy schedules, it was not possible until now. Because today is the only free Saturday I could ever have. Ha ha ha ha.

Kristine staring at a lake for the first time

There are some fishes and even turtle there.
Next time, maybe I could get some food for
Kristine to feed them

The reason we wanted to take her here is
so that she feels at ease in a public place
and let her mingle with other kids
without causing any fracas

There are somethings at the park
which I am not happy about. For
instance, there are a lot of these
uncovered holes which for kids,
is dangerous if the happen to
fall into it

Natural Air-con

When you're driving, ever wondered where would all the air go if you wound down all the car's window?


Me neither

But for this car, the driver knows. And not only that,
he can still drive faster than you.

Yeah, its because his rear window was smashed

Easy Rider

I just had to take this photo. The guy was enjoying the ride
on the highway, just riding normally. Yeah, and not only that,
I think my FujiFilm autofocus is not doing its job anymore

Jammed up in Kepong

Nowadays, it is not normal for Kepong to have a jam at this hour (0815) as the schoolkids are already being punished by the teachers. So, maybe there was an accident. By the time I arrived at the scene, it was something else. A burst water pipe. By afternoon, it was already halfway being repaired. This is not easy as the hole lies in the middle of the 2-lanes.

And this morning, you can clearly see the patch-up was World Class.

Here we go......... Oooh, water.

And lots of it

Water + Tractor = Bad News

There you go. I think you can fish in there