AlainThe Lunn punya Hai

While we were troubleshooting a software glitch, another staff came over and asked us if the debris outside were our doing. I said it was not and we left it at that. But I did look at the floor outside. There were a lot of white stuff strewn about, as if plaster was falling from the ceiling. Anyway, we went on about our work while the customer personally took a broom and dustpan and swept the floor clean.

An hour later, mysteriously, the white debris came back and I was a bit puzzled. I looked up at the ceiling and there was nothing wrong with it. So, while we were testing the phones at the cubicles outside, I noticed a bigger chunk and it looked like hardened mud, as if someone stepped on it and it worked itself loose from the shoe. But hang on, on closer look, it looked as if it part of a shoe!

So, I looked at everyone's shoes until I saw my business partner's. The soles of his shoes were crumbling! He looked at it and was shocked too. So, he took them off for me to take some photos and after that, I sent him on his way as there is no point continuing since it was after five in the evening anyway. If he walked more, the soles would have broken off more and he would be re-enacting some comedy show about a guy with holes in his shoes. After he has gone off, I got the broom and cleaned the debris myself and also explained to the customer. Ha ha ha.

The problem with these type of shoes, and especially those Reeboks or whatever sneakers, they're bound to have quality issues sooner or later. Maybe its the glue or maybe its the rubber they used which is not climatised in Malaysia. Just like him, who wore that shoe once a year, its going to break. Seems like you have to wear it often to prolong the inevitable. Oh yeah, his shoes were Alain De Lon shoes. To me, its Ah Lunn the Lun's Hai.

Funny thing is, everyone spends a small fortune for these shoes and it breaks when you least expect it. I spent RM100 odd for an industrial safety shoe and it does not break (much) no matter how hard I try. (Because I wanted a new one that has no zip and a better undersole protection)

All the debris which I ignored until I saw the bigger chunk

Yeah, his shoes were disintegrating every step of the way.
Luckily, he does not have smelly feet.......... ah ha ha hah!

This is big chunk #1

And big chunk #2

[Update: 10.11.2008]
After the whole incident, today was the first time I went back into that room and felt something sticky and squidgy too. Apparently, the guy was standing there all the time and did not realise his shoes were gone the whole afternoon......

No more Stupid Sungei Buloh jams!

This is the new stretch to Sungei Buloh. Not only have they
widen the road all the way to T-Juntion (towards the old
Airport road) but coming back is not a problem and you
do not have to make U-Turns near the Hospital. Hooray!
But somehow, deep in my cynical mind, I am sure there
will be a Toll Collection point somewhere in the middle

Cheaper Go-go Juice


Lessee, for RM50, I get 21.739 litres of Go-go juice.
And before I fill up, the trip meter says 210.3Km

So, now, when I fill up, I would get 23.2558litres

Custom Rack

Me: Wow, nice rack
Customer: Yeah nice, isn't it?
Me: Can I feel it?
Customer: Sure, help yourself. I won't stop you
Me: [Touch touch. Fondle fondle, etc.] Wow. So nice!
Customer: Glad you liked it.
Me: I wished I could touch it eveyday
Customer: Ha. ha. You wish. But there is a problem
Me: Yeah?
Customer: Yeah, they made a mistake. Its supposed to be horizontal like shelves
Me: That is a big difference in the design, you know
Customer: What to do?

They engaged a contrator to make a nice rack
for charging their PDA devices but if you look
at the design closely, it is a big mistake.

For me, I just love it because its made of metal pipes and
perspex. I just wished they could do it in a nicer quality