Custom Rack

Me: Wow, nice rack
Customer: Yeah nice, isn't it?
Me: Can I feel it?
Customer: Sure, help yourself. I won't stop you
Me: [Touch touch. Fondle fondle, etc.] Wow. So nice!
Customer: Glad you liked it.
Me: I wished I could touch it eveyday
Customer: Ha. ha. You wish. But there is a problem
Me: Yeah?
Customer: Yeah, they made a mistake. Its supposed to be horizontal like shelves
Me: That is a big difference in the design, you know
Customer: What to do?

They engaged a contrator to make a nice rack
for charging their PDA devices but if you look
at the design closely, it is a big mistake.

For me, I just love it because its made of metal pipes and
perspex. I just wished they could do it in a nicer quality

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