Bored in Sungei Wang

There is one thing I can tell about the shops in Sungei Wang. They do not open until its way past after 11AM. Before that, its just quiet. Dead quiet.

Within an hour, all of a sudden, you can see a lot of activities as all the Ah Bengs and Ah Lians and innocent Tourists start to crawl out of the concrete blocks.........

OK, I was bored waiting for my customer to open since I came way to early.
Heh. But its not my fault since I have a schedule to keep

Some camera crew were waiting at a corner to prepare to shoot some stuff.....

"Hey! Its my medal and I own it!" Han Solo was sculpted to look more like a greedy, senile old man.

A very nice figure doing a flying stance. Not so nice if its real life and she is about to land on you

No, its not a steamy shot but the glass was full of finger prints by other busybodies.
Beauticians having classes too. That is new.

A shot taken from a lift. Yes, I was really bored

A very beautiful scene. Pity I can't get the shot on her face.