Another late night

Well, its another late night with the customer again, this time to "clean up" all the loose cabling in the PABX room. And I worked from 5 in the evening to 1040 at night. And because the central air-conditioning goes off in the evening, I was literally sweating. This was bad because:

1) I was soaked with sweat all over my body
2) My sweating hands/arms keep knocking between the Newtwork server cabinet and the PABX's chassis.

This results in mild electrical shocks. And because of the tight space, I was stuck between the two electronic devils which gave a bigger shock when I touched both of them together. So, during the whole night, I invented a lot of new swear words averaged at about two a minute.

Nice car

A closer look at the VW for sale poster

I know what to expect when I come out after the job tonight

I saw this mess outside Jalan TAR. No, it was not me.

There are so many cables above the ceiling here, I have problems using the trunking