Tale of the wonky right turn

Once upon a time, there was a lowly peasant (but kind hearted) Consultant who was doing paid as an Engineer doing a Technician's work. He helped the company grew and grew. He worked Day and Night and sometimes, Night and Day, making sure the company is well fed even during the troubled times. Yes, Boys and Girls, this lowly (but generous) peasant made sure the debtors were kept at bay and do not have enough huff & puff to blow the House down.

And as a sign of appreciation, the Great Boss let him choose his reward; "Drive this car or else."

And so, the poor and humble (but humble) Manager drove this car everyday. He drove it under the hot Sun. He drove it in the rain. And he even drove it while drinking cheap day-old coffee. He liked the car and was thankful for such gifts. And the car, which was always serviced at 5,000km intervals and running happily at 9.99 KM/litre, served him well. So, the thankful (yet happy) Manager and the car went almost everywhere, everyday.

But one fateful day in April, after his lunch of bread and water (as the cost of petrol is high), the car was not feeling well. "What is wrong?" the Manager asked the car.

"Brrrtt........woka woka woka", replied the car.

But after a few minutes, the car was alright again and everyone was happy.

But it was not to be. Everyday, the car fell ill longer and more frequent. Sometimes it was so bad, the Manager had to say a few choice words. And sometimes, it was just bad. The car would shudder or jerk one second after it stops. Then when it hits a reverse hump, the car would shake all over. And also, during a fast or momentous right turn, the car would lose power, and this scared the Manager. As the days come and go, the problem got so bad, even a simple U-turn would make it lose power. And so, the Manager, bowed very low to the ground and said to Great Boss, "Dei, the car's fucked la." And the Great Boss replied, "So? Go and get it checked, la. Idiot."

[06-07-2009 1551]
Car was sent to workshop.
Foreman and mechanics laughed when symptoms was described.
Mechanic proceeded with diagnosis of car, suspects empty Auto Gear Oil.

[06-07-2009 1604]
Mechanic discovered severely empty auto gear oil and pumps in four litres.
Mechanic also inspected drive shaft as leak came from there.

[06-07-2009 1605]
Manager feels funny after realising the handjob device

[06-07-2009 1626]
Discovered drive shaft is not fitted properly, sent for replacement drive shaft.
Manager almost fainted until Foreman said its a warranty claim.
Foreman and Mechanic not laughing anymore.

[06-07-2009 1630]
Mechanic proceeded to dismantle drive-shaft.
Traced for further leakages

[06-07-2009 1859]
After driving a few KM, car still leaking oil.
Replacement drive shaft was too long.

[06-07-2009 1921]
Reassembled drive original shaft and test drove.
Oil leaking furiously and car needs to be kept in the garage for further testing

[06-07-2009 2136]
Rescued by Dad and Wife, prepared the Bengmobile

[06-07-2009 2149]
Bengmobile is now On-line!
While I was waiting for the car to be repaired/destroyed, I decided to explore the surrounding shops. Usually when I was there, I would always pop by the DVD store behind or the occasional semi-expensive hardware shop nearby. The reason for this was because I needed some lighter fluid.


I know you want to ask too, right?

I mean, why would a non-smoking guy buy lighters and also lighter fluids? No, I do not have a burning desire to be an arsonist nor could I temper the heat of being a Fire Fighter. The reason is this. Lighter fluilds makes the blue under the stiker/labels go nuts. So, as they weaken, it is easier to lift the sticker/label up without (much) damage. And it won't even attack plastic. So, this is what those toy collectors normally use to get rid of the pricetags on their plastic packaging without so much as scarring the surface. This would make their collection more valueable. (Personally, I just use a blade or cutting knife to tear into the package to get the toys out. Yes, they must be liberated from that suffocating plastic. Wahahahahahahah!)

Oh, and I just found out on the Net that some people even collect wine labels..........

First thing is, put a few drops onto the lable. Mind
you, the fluid is quite running. Don't worry if you
are actually a smoker. The fluid takes some time
to ignite (unlike a normal RON97 petrol) so you
can still have a cup of tea before having third
degree burns on your body.

Leave it for a few minute for the label to soak. Careful
not to touch it much as damp paper is weak and can
warp as well. Carefully use a sharp knife to kil.....er,
pry off or lift up one of the corners of the lable. This
will b your starting point when you want to lift it.

Slowly peel off the label bit by bit, and adding a few
more drops of the lighter fluid every now and then
before you continue. We want to be a-peeling,
people. Not tearing. Oh, I think you have peel
it as flat as you can not not bend it like you would
a sticker/tape as this would definitely mar the
label's printed side.

Finally, the label is out but see the blur area
on the blue lighter? That's the label's gum.
And how to get rid of it? Well, use another
cellophane tape, la. Once the label is dry,
you can do whatever you want but please
do remember, the other half of the label's
gum is still on the label so you might like
to think first where you want to stick it.

The Self Adhesive EPDM Sealing Strip

After looking all over the place for it, I have finally found my RM96.00 black foam, or more commonly known as, The Self Adhesive EPDM Sealing Strip. This Self Adhesive EPDM Sealing Strip is actually made from self-extinguishing Neoprene and is good for damping vibrations or even as a draft excluder. The Self Adhesive EPDM Sealing Strip comes in many sizes, ranging from 3mm to 6mm or more and in a roll of 10metres. The Self Adhesive EPDM Sealing Strip is what I use for my projects.

And so, I used the Self Adhesive EPDM Sealing Strip
for my Nokia 5800 car holder, so that it will hold the
phone more securely. The Self Adhesive EPDM
Sealing Strip was thick enough for the phone to fit

And this is how it looks with the Self Adhesive EPDM
Sealing Strip in place.