Ultimate Toys Star Wars Midnight Fiesta

First and foremost, I like Star Wars but not to the extend of wearing bathrobes and flashing expensive lightsabres which to me, looks nothing more than a fancy torchlight with lighted stick. (But, those lightsabres are very very cool to play with once it lights up).

So, on April 1st, at 10PM, I was there at 1-Utama's New Wing where Ultimate Toys are located. The event is to announce the launch of the latest Star Wars action figures and vehicles. Also, its a small gathering for fans to gear up for the Worldwide launch of the movie on May 19.

There were a lot of events, mainly the best dressed costume. Personally, I have no reason to be there but a few days ago, my friend asked for my help to assist him in lighting up his home-made lightsabre. And also, I have another friend who will be there to pass me back my Appleseed 2004 DVD and the Star Trek Enterprise VCDs.

The event was quite fun because we did met up with a few other friends which we have lost touch years ago. Looking at the lightsabres, they were beautifully crafted, mostly from Master replicas and Parks. So, after some thinking, maybe I should do one of my own before May 19th, 2005 as well. I'll be on half-day leave tomorrow to send my car in for repairs (It'll take 3 days to replace the gasket) while I go to Low Yatt Plaza for some ideas on how to light up the sabre. Heh.

My friend has other ideas, which is to approach Kavin for his project. I cannot say what it is, but if it works, you'll be the first to know on this blog. And its going to be a wonderful thing.

The reporters were busy interviewing all the Jedis and even my friend's brother was not spared

My suit's at the cleaners, OK?

Kavin of Ultimate Toys using the Force for crowd control

Staff were busy preparing to diplay the new Star Wars Episode III toys behind the screen

Some fans with costumes.

This team really thought out of the box. An At-At!
(He is walking backwards with no holes to see with)

No comment!

Gosh! They do start them young!

Longest Lightsabre contest