We're doing it, doing it and still doing it.

And so, the next day, I had to go to Seremban. Nothing to shout about except that I have been and will be going to quite a number of outstation customers this week. This is just a routine service call and although I was driving under the hot sun, my main worry was on something else.

Its like when you're so worried about what you're going to wear for tomorrow evening's function, you did not care much about the cold shower eventhough you hated cold showers. So, this time, for me, its about the car. The shuddering is quite prominent now. Especially when my Boss drove it last week when we're on the way to Kuantan. Now, its shuddering even when going uphill or just on a straight road. I suspect its something to do with the axle or the driveshaft. When I turn left or right, under the right weight, it will shudder. What is more worrying is that when I do a turn to the right, in normal circumstances, there would be a loss of power, as if the engine is not there. However, once the turn is completed, the power comes back and the tires would screech due to the excessive force (Because I was pressing the gas pedal more, wondering why there was no power). In most cases, I would be dead in the middle of the road, halfway to completing a U-turn.

I have a decision to make whether to tell the Boss about it this month or the next. This was because although our work is a bit less, mine was more as I am now the only one with a Notebook. Moreover, most of the calls require higher skills, something which my techs cannot handle. And also, we're still in the middle of our office renovation. And I can say, were about 60% complete. Because there is still the meeting room which is going into Boss;s room and Boss have to crash into the old room.

This is the system in Seremban. I think someone tried
to do something with the phone system, failed and left
it open. Just like that. And with people coming in and
out in that place, its a matter of time before they snag
any wires there. Not that I mind though, but this is not
a good way to earn money. And the trip down here cost
me more in terms of manpower and petrol.

Oh, there it is, in the box of
junk. Really. They're about
to throw this box away.

Coming back, the glass sliding door has been installed and
so is the glass for the three rectangular frames. Part of
the wall was covered because it needs to be sanded smooth
of all the plaster applied the night before.

Now, the other part needs to be sanded down as well.
Our clerk was ordered to sit inside Boss's office and to
close the door these few days. The powder from us
sanding the walls are very fine and they were all over
the place. The cleaners are going to have a fit this Friday

So much powder, the vaccum cleaner
started to spew the fine dust from the
other end. So, we opened to find the
problem, cleaned the filters but to no
avail as we suspect its inside the fan
of the motor which cannot be opened

Oooh..... a temperature switch! If they junk this
cleaner, I will try to salvage this little thing.