Going back to Babyland

Mommy scolding Kristine for playing dressed up as a Baby

Sunday Dim Sum II

How I wished I could just sleep for a week to recover but the rest of the family had other plans. Yep, we’re going for a nice Dim Sum breakfast at Janbo (again, ha ha ha). But it’s a great time for me eventhough I was dead tired because its family time. These are things I start to cherish a lot because maybe I was working so much, I never really noticed my family.

Things are going well for Kaelynn as she can hold a fork now

face to face with some catfish and later on, some crabs and lobsters

Kristine describing how crab eyes look like

(top) If you do go there, make sure you ask for the chicken wings
which are quite delicious. My wife tells me that they were done using prawn
paste to coat the chicken but I think its more like marmite.
(bottom)This is the amount of Dim Sum they dish out every few minutes. It might not
taste delicious to the serious connoisseur but then, who the hell cares about quality
when we’re after quantity. Ha ha ha ha


This is the PIC12F675 which I got for Rm5.50. This 8-pin microprocessor IC has a 4MHz internal oscillator and 6 I/O Pins. It also has 4 10-bit ADC and one independent comparator. I got this version because the PIC12F629 was out of stock.

And now, it means diddly squat because I misplaced the darn thing. Now I have to wait for another shipment before I can try out the program I wrote.

Replacement Torch

One things about these LED torchlights are that they are really quite fragile. Apart from the quality issue, after more than about 30 drops or so, they really start to go nuts. So, its time to get another one at Pasar Road. Heh heh heh.

Me: Hi, how much is this torchlight?
Woman: sap (mumble)sei [meaning fourteen]. Then she went off to answer her mobile phone
The man (her husband) then replaces her
Man: Yeah, what you want?
Me: This torch, how much?
Man: Eighteen
Me: Eighteen? I though she said fourteen?
Man: OK, I give you fifteen. Take it, la. Want or not?
Me [pretending I know them]: Last time I came, you gave me thirteen and summore, it came with wooden box liao
Man: Hah? Fourteen la, then
Me: Sure or not? OK, I take it but got battery in there?
Man: Got wun. If no good, then you can come back to me
Me: But I am here already, surely you can test now.

[But seeing his face like “not in the mood”]

Me: Never mind, also, you got those LED with laser ones or not?
Man: Hah? than one, ah? Long time finish lor. No more.
Me: Ok, ok. I take this one only la. If the torch don’t work later, my Boss sure scold me.
Man: Why, ah?
Me: Because after this, I am going to crawl into some dark hole la
Man: Oh. Sure got battery in there one, I tested them all just now.
Me: OK, OK. Bye

If I could locate the missing plastic lens, then I would not need to get another torchlight

There is not much difference between the new torch (right) and the old one (left

Although they look the same, the new (top) torch sports a body with the words
“POLICE GERMANY” on it. But somehow, I doubt its being used there. Still, most of
the parts are almost interchangeable but this is not the case with the battery holders

Another Trip down South Part Two

Sleeping half naked with another guy on the same bed just made me wished I paid RM20 extra. Its not because of the idea that my technician is a guy but when I sleep at places away from home, I just like things to be quiet and with minimal movement on the bed. So, his tossing and turning really wore me out. What is worse it that the room’s aircon was just ten feet away from your face.

Anyway, by the time we finished our job, it was time to visit another customer just to say, “Hello”. Hmm…. The things I do to make sure our customer remember us. Anyway, today is Friday and I was supposed to be on leave to help my Dad. But because of last night’s mishap, I could not do so. And I can’t take Monday off since there are a lot more service calls to clear.

Maybe I should have put my foot down and stuck to the original plan, then things would not be so fucked up

Actually, this is not a Mat Rempit but a motorcyclist with wardrobe
malfunction. He is leaning forward to make sure his bag does not fall off

Someone did not go on an Atkins diet

I am not sure if he is the owner of that bank

One last quick stop before we arrive back to KL and straight
to Subang. There were a group of grasscutters on the hill and
they made short work of the lalang

Another trip down South Part One

Well, what can I say? This is really a good one, I tell you. I have to go to only two sites in one day, namely Kulai and JB (Johor Baru) and also, in that order. But like Murphy’s Law, everything went wrong at all levels. Its going to be a long story, folks, so you might as well make a cup of coffee and get comfortable with that chair.

The day before, I was in Seremban upgrading a PABX to a bigger unit. But because we’re all overloaded with service calls for the day, I was not too happy leaving my remaining technician to fend for himself. Anyway, halfway through the journey, I was redirected to go to JB first instead of Kulai because someone assumed that the customer wants to leave early since it is Fasting month. And because of the van’s 90Kmh speed limit, we would be reaching there by five in the evening. So, I had to make sure we arrived there well before the cut-off time. Because we’re rushing and because my PDA went dead, I had to rely on barely audible instructions over the handphones. And as luck would have it, we took a wrong turn which cost us over two hours to get out as we were stuck in the area’s evening traffic jam. By the time we found our way, it was way past seven in the evening. Luckily, the customer broke her fast in the office as she really waited for us. But we’re not so lucky in Kulai as the customer left by six in the evening, according to the half-asleep security guard.

The funny thing was, the customer in Kulai went home early while the customer in Johor left late, which was the opposite. Going back to KL now is not an optiona and with limited cash for a day trip, spending the night at a Hotel is really going to cost us. But as luck would have it, there was a Hotel just across the road and we only pay Rm45 for the night. They even had Wifi too but with a very weak signal, I gave up after trying to log on for more than twenty minutes. Anyway, I have calculated that with the money spent for the Hotel, I would have to fork out a bit so that we can still go back to KL the next day. So, after dinner, we searched for some ATMs. I am not sure what the heck happened because all the ATMs we went were either full of Bangladeshis or are flashing the "Out of Service" sign. Must be payday for them. And speaking about money, I have yet to bank in my paycheque since I was so busy going outstation and early appointments for the past few days. So, its going to be tight for the next few days.

Bought a book of parking tickets. So, the van is “safe” from 8AM 1130AM tomorrow

I must have a nice shampoo even if there are no change of clothes. This Clear
shampoo series really has a cooling effect on both the scalp and wherever you
apply them on your body. And then when you rinse yourself, you’ll experience
the cooling effect from the top of your head to the crack in your butt

Here is a surprise. The Hotel actually provides you with a set of toothbrush
and some toothpaste! But being what they are, its not easy to brush with it
as the handles are quite soft. In the end, its more like finger brushing as you
really need your finger to support the toothbrush

And we spent one night for this:
Bring the phone to the room and plug it in

The Trip down South Part One

Today, I get to drive the van all the way down to Seremban, folks. And I have two customers there to visit. One was to take back their faulty fax machine and replace it with a loaner. And the other, which is going to take some time, would be to upgrade their existing PABX to a bigger unit.

But before that, I was in the middle of installing another PABX in Subang. So, since I was needed to be there in Seremban, I have no choice but to hand over the Subang job to my two monke..er, technicians. By the time I have finished briefing them, I was already late. Installing a PABX is easy. But replacing one is not. This is because when you install a PABX for the first time at a site, everything is new, especially the telephone cables, so you can cut them to any length. But when it comes to replacing a PABX, it is not that easy and its really time consuming. You have to carefully disconnect all the cables and label them since they’re going to be used again. If not, you’d soon discover that your client’s extension numbers have gone amok which will really make you waste more time in recovering that error. Not only that, you’d also be spending a lot of time ‘copying’ programs from the old PABX to the new one so that the upgrade is as transparent as possible.

By the time I finished with that last job, it was already past nine at night. I was tired and sleepy as well but then, my Wife called saying that Kristine wants another lipstick/sweet which made me stopped at a few Petronas stations. Most of them were out or either have green lipstick. Luckily, the last Petronas before Highway exit had some and I still do not know why the clerk eyed me suspiciously when I told him that the sweet was for my daughter.

This is the Seremban F1. Try to overtake without being
hit by the oncoming traffic. Its not that easy with a van.

Its very late at night and the lights are starting to
look nice..........zzzz........nice.......um........... wake up!