Another Trip down South Part Two

Sleeping half naked with another guy on the same bed just made me wished I paid RM20 extra. Its not because of the idea that my technician is a guy but when I sleep at places away from home, I just like things to be quiet and with minimal movement on the bed. So, his tossing and turning really wore me out. What is worse it that the room’s aircon was just ten feet away from your face.

Anyway, by the time we finished our job, it was time to visit another customer just to say, “Hello”. Hmm…. The things I do to make sure our customer remember us. Anyway, today is Friday and I was supposed to be on leave to help my Dad. But because of last night’s mishap, I could not do so. And I can’t take Monday off since there are a lot more service calls to clear.

Maybe I should have put my foot down and stuck to the original plan, then things would not be so fucked up

Actually, this is not a Mat Rempit but a motorcyclist with wardrobe
malfunction. He is leaning forward to make sure his bag does not fall off

Someone did not go on an Atkins diet

I am not sure if he is the owner of that bank

One last quick stop before we arrive back to KL and straight
to Subang. There were a group of grasscutters on the hill and
they made short work of the lalang

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