Goodbye sttee

While I was in Kuantan, I got a shock when babe_kl SMSed me about sttee's accident. It was a bit saddening, to be so far away and yet, I could not do anything to help. By the time I came back in the evening, the Funeral has already finished and so, because I am not sure of the procedures, I decided not to go to the house (In case I break some pantang, which I usually do)

From the reports, we all know what happened but its no point in debating who is right or wrong as he will never come back. Its a lesson we have learnt, but being a typical Malaysian, we will forget all about it in three weeks time, until another incident happens again.

My theory:
I am not sure about this stretch, but looking at the bridge in the background, there could be an exit. So, the crane broke down near the exit and when the Unser came out of the exit........
I could be wrong but for the sake of friendship, I hope this is right. Because I cannot see him driving the other way.

Image taken from TheStar

You can read more here: The Star and here.

Wasted trip to Kuantan

Arriving here and already given the bad news, my mood was quite topsy-turvy. We were requested by the main-Con to come up as quickly as possible to install the phones. But based on what I saw, obviously, coordination and planning wasn't their forte. Our original schedule was on due to be on the 23rd and not two days before. It is not nice to rush a person all the way up to Kuantan within a day's notice and tell them everything is ready when it is not.

Then we were blamed for the cabling error when they pulled it to the wrong place. I have already stated to them on the meeting a month ago to pull it to the PABX and not to the Telekoms SDF room. But then again, the cabling job was given to them based on their "kulitfication" and they know nuts about cabling. Each trip up there costs us about RM120 and with another staff, it would be close to RM170. You'd think we have too much time on our hands and we're loaded.

The excuse?
I was not there at Kuantan last week to do a site meeting, which is just to repeat my statement to them in KL.

My excuse?
The person in charge told me he is not going and when I called the main-Con many times, I got his personal mailbox.

Moral of the story:
Sometimes, when you bit off more than you can chew, don't blame the toilet for not being accessible when you shit in your pants at the last minute.

Oh, you mean everything is ready now, is it?
How can we do this when the guys are painting
the walls and the cabling's not ready? Oh, you
mean the customer likes paint splattered
phones too? What do you mean you have not
applied for Telekom lines?

You pulled the cable to where? I told you in the
last meeting to pull it to over there, not here.

Snoopy was here. If I took this shot months
ago, it would really looked like that little bird
Now, its all grown fuzzy. My tech beside me
was wondering why I was taking photos in
the middle of the highway.....