OK, there is something wrong with me. I have to finish Peter's Phaser anytime soon and I am nowhere near. I am not even at the starting line. And so, while eating a huge Whopper at Burger King's, my train of though derailed and flew off into space. And so, this is what happened to Peter's Phaser. The ideas, I mean.

Ok, the rear is so cool. With the windows there, they can
see the back quite clearly.

Good, good, I like the front shape. It looks tough and with
the cabin at the top, the driver is very protected (not in this
van, la). I suppose the wheels can be bigger.

The Last Yee Sang....

This is so weird. All the while, this box was standing there for weeks and virtually everyone ignored it. As it turns out, its another Yee Sang pack but with a more eloquent style. So, once again, I get to eat Yee Sang sans raw fish, pomeloes, etc. but its good enough for me. Yum Yum!

Stylo mylo package
(with 50% off, bwahahahahahah!)

The package consists of two segments. The top, which is "concealed",
is full of crispy and oily packs. The bottom half, as revealed by the
holes in the box, contains the ingredients which, were vacuum sealed.
The carrots, cucumbers, etc. were all grated by hand courtesy of Dad

Although its past the New Year, we still get to eat it.
But with a more muted feeling since the gaiety has passed.