While I was in Slumberpsace........

I got some very good presents from a pair of secret cute girls!
Now I must find a prezzie for them. I regretted my Wife did not
wake me up there and then.

Kea Farm

Apart from the Brinchang Night Market, this is another busy place. The Kea Farm which is right smack on the main Cameron Highlands road. Everyday, with traffic passing through or pausing there, the Kea Farm never fails to attract minutes long traffic jams. With cars and lorries entering and exiting the place, even installing a set of traffic lights might not even help. Anyway, today is our last day at Cameron Highlands and so, we (or shal I say, the rest of the passengers) decided to get all the fresh vegetables. Mind you, when you buy all these fresh stuff, make sure you have a lot of old newspapers or boxes in your vehicle. And, oh, deware of extra little passengers which can usually be found in the fresh veges.

This the the long queue to Kea Farm. I have parked the car at the bottom
as there is a smaller "market" there. Yep, I caught the 4x4 this time! The
jam is usually because of the tourist buses and the lorries stopping at the
junction. And also cars who are parking on the road shoulder. Do be aware
that when you park on the road shoulder, (on the right), your car can slip
into the drain if you're not careful

This is the main entrance and you can already see the cars blocking
the Kea Farm junction on the right.

Let's go into the place. Its about less than 50 metres long with stalls on
both sides of the road. However, on the left, the stalls are housed in a
new building whereas the stalls on the right have to make do with the
slope. Yeah, its raining on and off today.

On the outer side of the Kea Farm, you would have the normal tourist traps
which sells Strawberries related items. Here, the person manning her stall is
bored. This is always the case as everyone is looking for fresh produce and
not things like keychains, umbrellas, toys, etc.

Coming back to the junction, we have a very hardworking man who wants
to sell you some bubbles. Great for kids but since its raining, the mood is
just not there. Nevertheless, he smiled for me.

On the very edge of the entrance, you would be greeted with grilled
food. Which is great because on a cold day, anything hot would help

If grilled corn is not your cup of tea, then the next best thing would be
deep fried. So, you'd have your sausages, nuggets, chicken parts and
then, some chicken balls, prawn balls, etc.

This guy got bored waiting for customers
so he decided to solve the Rubik's Cube

There were a lot of tourists and everyone is buying something,
either as souvenir, for their next meal or just for their garden

And there are so many to choose

You can really spend hours here
(mainly because to looking for lost family members)

There is one particular stall which I like because they were selling
sweet potatoes. From steamed to deep-fried to balled, they're all
delicious. I bought the deep-fried ones for RM2.00 per bag

Some stalls sell nothing but plants for your garden but somehow,
some of the plants might not survive the trip back to KL given that
they might not be used to the sudden increase in temperature

And these stalls are usually located on the hill slope

I liked this one as the whole atmosphere was dull and gloomy while
the hole in the top gave a very nice source of light. However, after
taking this shot, I had to brightened it as it was hard to take it as
there was no tripod. It was already very dark with the rainclouds
and so, for the rest of the shots, I had to up the Ev.

A girl modelling a rubberband gun for me. I should have bought it
sooner to kill the flies. This was the only stall selling it and by the
time I came back, I was already raining.

So we rushed into the building which wasment for more traders....

But it seemed like as if either the building is still too "new" or there
were no takers. Oh, the only toilet here is at the end of the picture
and it would cost you 20 sen. All public toilets here costs you

The view at the back of the toilet. Once I managed to open the big
windows, I took this picture and immediately regretted not having
awide andgle lens as there were a lot of beautiful hillside shots

Almost at the end of the market, there is a right turn into a small alley

If you go further on, there will be a small path which leads to a set
of ladders down to the smaller market. I thought I could use it to get
to the car and drive it into the market to pick everyone up but......

Unfortunately, no one gives a shit and thus, its blocked. Ten years
ago, we used this route and although it was wet and slippery, it was
useable. Now, its just a place for rubbish. And if I am not mistaken,
the small market at the bottom was not built, then. In the end, I had
to walk down the main road, which by now, is raining heavily and the
wind is building. Its not easy carrying heavy stuff and still trying to keep
the umbrella from flyng away while trying to walk to the car, at the same
time hoping the cars/buses do not, grace you with their wonderful touch