A girl's bag of happiness

Well, well, what have we here?

It a bag full of goodies for the Ladies!
And there are four wonderful units!

This one is for those who
are in a rush and so, they
just clip it on.

This one is for the Extreme
and those who love the Wild

This is the setting for the WILD

And this is the setting for the Extreme.

Oh, don't worry, there's one
for the greedy too.

And finally, this is for little girls
who can't stop asking questions.

Earthing in the Sun

After getting the 95 Ohms reading (with a more accurate Earth meter compared to my RM35.00 bootleg meter, that is) on the first attempt, the guys have gone back to do another round which brought the reading down to 27Ohms. But still not good enough.

And so, on the third attempt, I decided to tag along.

This will be the third Earth Chamber
we planted for the customer

All went well until we planted the
second copper rod. The soil here is
very hard.

By the time its in, all three of us were tired
from hitting with the hammer. It was going
down a few mm per hammer strike.

With the coupling in, we joined the second copper
rod. The trick is to hit the first copper in such a
way that its end does not warp. If it does, then
the coupling cannot be screwed in and yes, by
then, we would be properly screwed too.

Hitting the second copper rod

Luckily we put in the connector before we hit
the second rod. Its end has already warped.

With about 5mm movement per hammer
strike, even the coolest tech go nuts

So, we flooded the Earth chamber with some
water hoping to loosen the soil.

And so, we waited...

And waited.

And waited.

By this time, the wooden plank has been split
due to the force by the hammer

Its a very tiring job when the soil is hard

So we took turns with the hammer

Until the job is done. Now, the only thing
left would be to pour cement into the
chamber. Unlike others we mix the cement
into the pail of water. So we do not have
to worry about traces of hardened cement
on the ground.


Alas, this was the best reading we will ever
get. Hopefully, by next week, the reading
would have improved after it has settled.

Since today Dongzhi (Goh Tung)
Boss let us off early and I get to
eat the small little tong yuen as
made by Kristine