Pictures from Pasar Road

Managed to extract some photos from my last Pasar Road trip from the MIC (Made in China) Mobile Phone. OK, I just found the connection cables. Here you go.

Yes, the cheep cheep Luxeons could be coming in

But their Boss was away, so I cannot confirm this
All these are samples

Wooo ...... SMD LEDs

LED bulb replacements
I am very sure it hey are meant for cars but are they bright enough?

Various project boxes

I loved this one, at about RM33 but I have no projects for it

This desk-type console is pretty too

The Omu Let

Shot this while I was in the "Yaohan" (OK, I forgot then ame, some Putra what-ever) wif my wife
Didn't order the Omu Let, though

News for today is.....

Oh, fuck
This means no more uncessary trips to the toy shops and Pasar Road

Before the 90's - RM 0.89 basic price
Year 1990 - RM 1.10 (increase RM 0.21)
01/10/2000 - RM 1.20 (increase RM 0.10)
20/10/2001 - RM 1.30 (increase RM 0.10)
01/05/2002 - RM 1.32 (increase RM 0.02)
31/10/2002 - RM 1.33 (increase RM 0.01)
01/03/2003 - RM 1.35 (increase RM 0.02)
01/05/2004 - RM 1.37 (increase RM 0.02)
01/10/2004 - RM 1.42 (increase RM 0.05)
05/05/2005 - RM 1.52 (increase RM 0.10)
31/07/2005 - RM 1.62 (increase RM 0.10)
28/02/2006 - RM 1.92 (increase RM 0.30)

Mackie Moonlights

For those who knows, knows
For those who does not, doesn't

What car was this?

Finally extracted the picture from the AWG Mobile phone
Trust me, its a Proton Perdana. Or was it a BMW?
I forgot as its so long ago since I passed by Subang