Kristine's First Major Haircut

So, this time around, when they wanted to cut her hair, I was present. OK, I am getting personaly about it. But then again, she IS my daughter. So today, my Wife wanted to cut her hair short as she was always sweating. The recent rise in temperatures did not help much either. I had to hold her head still or distract her since the scissors were very sharp indeed.

Kristine patiently waiting for her haircut

Kristine is still waiting patiently for her haircut
(while Mommy & Daddy discusses how to hold the scissors)

OK, the back part are starting to come off

Hold still!

Erm, what do you mean the hair is not level?

Kristine with her new haircut after her bath

Defend Your Castle Part II

Dang! I'm still at it!
Just run it in the background and do my other stuff.
Ha ha ha ha

The Japan GT Roadshow Opening Ceremony

By 930, the drums have arrived

And the teams from The Japan Club are getting ready

Candid shot

Once the MC has introduced the team,
the Japanese Drums, Wadaiko starts

Man, this guy is good!

The crowd quickly arrived

In exactly 10 minutes, the show was over
Yeah, he was expecting more

The Japan GT Roadshow Beauties

Nowadays, no shows are complete without beautiful women. Afterall, they are the main attractions. I even heard that during the last PC Expo, there were a lot of girls as well. But since I am married, the only girls for me are my Wife and Kristine.

Anyway, the Three Japan GT Queens were due to arrive but since there were no announcement of their arrivel time, it was already time for me to go home, GT Queen or no GT Queen.

Straightaway, you will notice her, even in the crowd

And once they arrive, they are already hard at work

And they made sure you know about The Japan GT

All in all, there are six of them and they were kind
enough to pose for my camera

Yes, I could not wait anymore, as I have
other things to do. Heh

The Official Japan GT Playstation Game?

One of the activities from the Roadshow is the Sony Playsation 2 game, the Grand Turismo 4. But with so much sunlight there, I doubt anyone can play with all the reflections on the TV screen.

First you stuff the PS2 into the customised chair

And then the TV screen, along with all the necessary cabling

The controls are all set up and the cables nicely tucked away
But there is one main thing that you have forgotten
There will be no decent sound system, except from the TV

The Japan GT Roadshow @ Mont Kiara

This is the 4th Round of Japan GT Champioship and it will be held in Malaysia from 23rd of June, 2006 to 25th of June, 2006 at the Sepang Circuit.

Before the actual event, the organisers have put up a roadshow to make sure YOU know about it. Unfortunately, I did not know much about this event until one of my friends who worked in Mont Kiara informed the day before. So, this said a lot about their advertising.

Still, from what the MC was saying, there will be a Opening Ceremony at 1130AM followed by the arrival of three Japanese Beauty Queens (time not announced)

From their flyers, the roadshow will stop by at five places:
21st May 2006 to 22nd May 2006 - Plaza Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
1st June 2006 to 4th June 2006 - Auto-City, Penang
9th June 2006 to 11th June 2006 - Picollo Galleria, Kuala Lumpur
10th June 2006 to 11th June 2006 - Japan Club, Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur
16th June 2006 to 18th June 2006 - Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

This a Honda NSX R-GT from the Team Honda on display

I just loved the front

And the Side skirts

Unfortunately, I do not have a polarised filter
so, you cannot see the driver's seat up close

The drake discs are huge

I just love the switches on the console

You cannot have a passenger for this car, ok?

Mont Kiara Sunday Bazaar

I have been trying to get to this Sunday Bazaar for ages and this morning was a fine day. I wanted to get both my Wife and Krsitine to come along but since Kristine woke up late, it would not be possible as we would need the time to calm her down, dress her up, scrape off the blood, etc. So, in the end, I went alone.

The Mont Kiara Sunday Bazaar is just like those you have in the UK or even Australia, albeit in a much smaller scale. And this is mostly a family event where you can even see children helping out (or else)

At half-past nine, almost everyone is either setting up their stalls
or just finished doing it

Some were already here since, maybe, at nine in the morning

The Bazaar sells a lot of things, from clothes

to more clothes

to plants or something for your garden

to trinkets

to paintings

and even jewellery

Some even sell decorative figures

costumes for your Barbie dolls
[The sign says: Barbie Wardrobe by Eliza Wong 0162866744]

And even beautiful educational toys made from wood
These are good for kids who are growing up.
(I got a free toy from her. Hee hee. No, I am not a kid)

You can man the store yourself

or get your daughter to help you

and if your boy is naughty

You can leave him alone to man the stall by himself

The whole place was quite busy by 10:00 AM. Everyone was running around

Some chose not to get caught by it

And some had their hair cut

I was about to leave until the Event Organiser
drew my attention with his mic......................