One Hundred and One Percent Fresh!!!

OK, while cleaning out the room, we discovered the lost juicer which we're supposed to be using years ago. So, Wife took the opportunity to buy some oranges over the weekend for the first trial. they say that drinking juiced stuff is good for the health as all the raw fibres and vitamins are still there, bla... bla... bla... I just wonder who the Hell are "they".

Anyway, if we can have some juice once a week, I am OK with it.

Wife got me to peel off the orange skins while she cuts them
into smaller pieces so that its easier to go in. The oranges
looks and feels very small without the peel.

Just add a few oranges, and its already 1/3 full.

And it took almost ten oranges to fill the cup. And it costs us RM10
for 16 oranges. Ouch. No wonder juiced drinks are so expensive but
here, we're not going to cheat bu adding lots of sugar and water. It
will just be honey and lots of water instead.

Feeling a bit more adventurous, we added a carrot and a stalk
of celery. Yeah, we made the first mistake of HPLA (Ham Pa
Lang Add). I tell you, with oranges, celery, carrot and honey,
the taste is well, a bit weird. So, I think I shall stop adding the
honey and celery together as these really bring out that awful
taste. Perhaps, the next try would be oranges, mango, kiwi and
apple. Or shall I add some nuts too?

The juicious pulp! Drink all these and well, despite everyone saying,
"Its good for you", I shall have to try them for myself. But wife did
philosophise what most of the times, good things are not tasty or
nice to look at. I got walloped when I joked at that statement.....
Seriously, do check this compartment time to time as it can
easily overflow and onto the floor........

The carrots and celery just won't mix naturally.

This is the pulp from the machine. It tastes great, except that
I am still not used to drinking raw celery. Makes me want to
vomit. Its still in the fridge, maybe I'll just sneak out and
a bottle of Ice Cream Soda to mix it in. But I doubt that the
other tonic water would make the taste any more different.

Nokia 5800 Firmware Upgrade

Yes, there is a new firmware upgrade V.11.0.009 just a few weeks
ago but its nothing major. But on the Internet lately, the latest is
V20. Unfortunately, silly old me do not know how to go
about it. Even my Nokia Software upload says there is no update.
Oh well, maybe it will be official in a few week's time.

My new hiding place

[Note: Internet went out from this evening until 0113]

Well, what do you know, its almost ready! Just had a brief clean in there but its still too many things to clear up. When we moved in here, it was the store room. And for almost three decades, it was the room that not many dared ventured in. And it was also the same room that would be the store room again after some renovations.

Well, not this time, baby. I am going to make it as my own working room. Already, I am sick of so many delays for my projects and I do not want to think about the missed opportunities when I am old and tired then. So, this year, I am going to do something about it. No more putting stuff in boxes and forgetting them months later because someone wants their room back or the space it gone, etc. No more, I say.

So far, my Dad gave me the horse stands, to make the
table. Before I can start, it was New Year and all the stuff
that was gone or did not exist, mysteriously came and
took over. After I got busy with the broom, I reclaimed a
bit on the table. Next weekend, I am going to clear the whole
table and put all of my equipment in. Unless my Boss has
other plans because he did mention about outstation trips again.

Oooh. Looky! An antique battery meter in the 70's!

And this here, is the vacuum meter too! Compared to the modern ones,
this is much more interested and damn well rocking! I didn't know my
Dad had it in him too. Maybe without us kids, he could still be modifying
or even getting new cars.... Ha ha ha ha!