Potatoes for Dinner

Well, what can I say? We had deep fried salmon the night before with potato wedges, tomatoes and sausages. Tonight, we're having deep fried chicken with potato wedges, tomatoes and sausages. And on both nights, we ran out of ketchup.

Oh no! I can't mix the super duper hot chili sause! And I can't mix another crispy prawn chilie sauce with mayo because there's no mayo too.

What a disaster! And I can't make thousand island dressing because there are no more unclaimed islands in the World and I don't know the size of the dress......

Yum-yum! Now, if only I had some potato salad and
some mashed potatoes to go with that. Since we don't
have ketchups, we can't have fries.

Kristine loves it after she forgot
about the ketchup.

And Kaelynn too, after, well, OK, she just
wolfed them all down.