Pulp Action

Another stupid idea for tonight and its early too. I am not sure what's happening but there seems to be a lot of stupid ideas coming out of my head. The thing with blending is that apart from the juice, you have a lot of pulp left over. And we just scoop them up and into the juice again. However, this time, my brain thinks its a good idea to add some cream or wine.......

So, here we go, adding some Amarula to the pulp

You really want to know how it taste like? Its shite, really.
It tasted like some idiot
wasted precious drink onto
some fruit pulp
which absorbed it like a sponge, thus
creating a sticky alcoholic pulp which would want to
make you throw up just after a few scoops.

The problem with sausages

The moment you take it out, you have to act fast. So do
what you want as fast as possible since it is still steaming
and oh, so bulging as if its about to burst open and spread
its joy juice onto your face.

Once that time has passed, there is nothing much you can
do anymore to turn it back into the pumping hot slab of
meat. So, all you can do now is to add some of your hot
sauce and suck it slowly. At this point, some would just
swallow it whole and try to squeeze the juice out in the
mouth. Whatever it takes, man. Whatever it takes.

Learning to write

This is Kristine.
Hello, Kristine.
Kristine has a pencil
And it is delicious

See Kristine write with her pencil
See how quickly she writes
She is not paying attention

This is Mommy
Mommy has an eraser
See how Mommy corrects Kristine

Kristine is so embarrassed
She will never write again
Not with her eyes closed

Taking apart a camera

OK, so I was bored because I too, took a nap and slept like a log. And so, for the rest of the night, I am paying for that laziness. And at this time, if I am still awake, my mind would have a lot of ideas. Unfortunately, for tonight, the idea is stupid....

I was thinking, "Perhaps there is a jumper switch in there
that could reverse the mirror-image of the camera so
that I could use it as a normal camera.

After removing the four screws and prying it off, I discovered that
this waterproof camera has some sort of light tack glue around the
edges which acts as the waterproof seal. When I opened it, I broke
that seal. So, one day, once I made sure the camera is still working,
I would have to use UHU glue to seal the two pieces together.

Nope, no switch or jumper or anything. So, this means the
camera cannot be modified at all. And this means I would
have to look for another camera. Sigh.
Still, when I have the cash, I will install this one on the car