To nexus


That LED strip V

And so, Monday being a public holiday, I rushed down to Pasar Road to my favourite shop as soon as daylight broke....


Wasted the whole day digging for electronic components
from my own box of spares and also the prototype board
and if this fails as in blown components, there is no way I
can rebuild the circuit from scratch. And so, taking each
step carefully means spending hours in this. Yeah, feels
like my earlier trial where I used Ribena to make ice
cubes. Big Fail and tested like crap.

So, this is the only components I could manage. I
am short of the main ones. So, its time to take the
parts from the prototype board...


I have marked the polarity for you and you should
take care to wire them as exactly shown here. With
the voltage regulator, you can safely use a 12volt
power adaptor. I just hope it does not make the
voltage regulator hot since this is the 500mA
version as I do not have the 1000A version.

At the other end, if it comes loose in the mail, just
make sure the cable with the dotted lines are
screwed back as shown here.

OK, since its 2:00 AM in the morning, I missed
the 'W' but you know what to do. If you leave the
small jumper alone, it will glow at normal speed.
And if you plug it at the fast connector as shown
above, it will glow fast and so on. And if you go
and connect them to any voltage, you can see
smoke and smell burning.

And just in case, I've provided some of those extra
connector pins as they're very fragile. I wanted to
give you the whole strip but then, I would be
earning less than RM4.00 by then.

OK. I need to sleep now, just make sure I bring it along to the Post Office tomorrow and I am sure after the postage, I would have earned less than Rm5.00 from this RM50.00 project.