Dinner at Famosa

Today was Sam's Birthday and this time, we went back to Famosa, a nice little Taiwanese restaurant near the office. With Sam being the "Star" of the evening, he gets to order what he likes.

But because this post was done weeks later, I have completely forgotten what most of the dishes were. I mean, into the mouth it goes, out of the bunghole the next morning, bypassing the brain.

This was the only dish I can remember, which is actually
stir-fried cabbage. I have never eaten such delicious

A shark or a smiling fish?

An afternoon at MacKing

OK, this is very weird. i guess it is already weird when I entered this place. Because I do not like
religious stuff in my blog, I shall not comment further. Its just that this is my first brush with the iPad. First as in I almost about to buy one.

And so, at MacKing, I was so tempted to get a 32GB Wifi iPad on the spot. I mean, for RM2250, it was a bargain. (Edit: January 2011: Harvey Normal sells the same config for RM1850 and 2 weeks later, Apple was slashing to Rm1718.00. damn. Still out of my reach). I suppose I could think up of a lot of ways/excuses to convince my wife but with money being so tight at the moment, it is not a good idea to tell her yet. And no, I am not feeling suicidal anytime.

I like this kind of cafe where things are quiet and
if there are music, I would imagine it to be at a
volume which is barely pleasingly audible.

The whole afternoon, I was staring at that corner...

Waiting for the iPad ad to come on again