My Nokia 5800 Car Holder Part 1

OK, so after the weekend, I still cannot find that stupid black foam. This is the problem I always face. When I need something, its never there. And when its there, it all in my mind. I can go back to RS to get it but this would cost me carboodles and oodles of slave money. The problem with them is that their prices keep rising every year with the new catalogues. Still, when I have the time, I will need to go back to the old house in Shah Alam to look for it. Sigh.

Anyway, the reason I made this holder was because:

1) I accidentally placed the metal next to some magnets and then, as they stuck to each other, the lightbulb in head went Supernova.

2) These metal were everywhere in the office when we're doing renovation. So, its free and I saved Rm19.90 for a piece of plastic which sticks to the windshield and falls off when you're either driving or not looking at it.

3) The tools to make them are free too.

So, this is poor old me, working behind bars.......

This is a piece of scrap metal leftover from the renovation.
So, its not Aluminium as I thought. Then again, the cost of
making these in Aluminum is prohibitively high.

Using the RM15.00 super sharp and super tough
pruner, I released the work of art hidden within
and in the time between you eating beans and
releasing the first fart

As the edges were sharp, I used some cellophane tape
to "laminate" the metal piece. Now, all I have to do
is to stick it inside between the phone and the cover

All in all, it looks and works perfectly. Here, I am using
the old magnet phone holder in the car
(which was already there when I started driving it)
Good idea but it blocks the Toll ticket slot.

What's more, it also blocks my view when I wanted to
use the GPS. How I wished the wiper stalk can be bent
But then again, I am not going to use this magnet for
long as I have already made my own phone holder,
which should be ready soon. If I can find the foam,
that is.