Going to Menara Olympia

Just saw a customer at Menara Olympia today and he is a big shot there. And he is also my Senior in school. But we don't know each other. He wants to help me but I cannot help him. Makes sense?

Of course it does. His subs have problem getting vendors in and they need to have diaries made in less than three week's time. Actually, their client had sent in the info months ago and his subs only acted on it the day before. And what is not nice was that he scolded them in front of me since I was asking more questions then they did. Then again, I don't really blame them for being in the advertising industry. Later on, he took me aside and we sort of bonded due to our links in the old school. For that very short moment, I felt as if I had an older brother. So, I am going to keep visiting him whenever I can in 2011.

Until now, I still do not know how to get to this place
except from Jalan Ampang. I think I have this fear of
not able to turn into this building due to the overhead
bridges on the left.

Coming down, I really had a good laugh at this
poster. But because its out in the open, and not
wanting to catch any attention, I just had to
laugh inside. Can you catch the joke?
[Ans: The word for toilet that was written in Braille
was actually printed and then laminated. This means
a blind person would not be able to feel the dots.]

Inside the toilet, they mounted mirrors for all the
walls, making the toilet look bigger than it actually

Piping on the floor: Emergency poop chute?