Dinner with bangkokboi

Well, it is a surprise that I got invited to another meal by bangkokboi. The last one was just a week ago. Still, its nice because this time, he has brought his daughter along, all the way from Penang for all of us to see. Unfortunately, as Kaelynn was still having high fever, she could not come with us.

And so,
I would recommend the Assam Fish too.

As most of the dishes were a bit hot, Kristine
settled on the fried chicken instead. Without
her sister, she feels a bit happier. Hmm.....

Kristine very quickly warmed up to a certain Auntie
after she took some shots with her Nikon D300 and
her (Oh, my God, so wonderful) 20mm Prime Lens

Kristine and the chewing gum

Mommy: Where is the gum?
Kristine: Inside my mouth
Mommy: Show me
Kristine: I chewed it, Mom!
Mommy: It went inside here, right? (pointing to stomach)
Kristine: No. I chewed the gum, Mommy.
Mommy: You swallowed the gum
Kristine: Noooo.... I did not. Don't say that!
Mommy: Then where is the gum?
Kristine: I chewed the gum la.
Mommy: You swallowed the gum
Kristine: Noooo....
Mommy: Then how come there is no more gum in your mouth?
Kristine: I munch only. You are lying
Mommy: This is chewing gum. You cannot eat it and swallow it.
Kristine: Then why did I buy this gum, Mommy?
Mommy: ........

Guess which poor soul had to finish it?

Being sick on a Public Holiday

OK, so she was not sick on that day but rather on Friday night. Kaelynn had a very high fever (39ÂșC) and all we could do was to give her some medication. But we know, we had to bring her to a Doctor soon.

But the problem was, today is a Public Holiday and most of the Clinics we called, were not open. And so, we spent most of the time searching for one that is open. First we went to Taman Desa, only to find out that the Clinic would open at three in the afternoon. With almost two hours to go, we had some lunch, walked about and bought a "Magic English" DVD for them. Unfortunately, when the clinic opened, we were told the Doctor would only arrive at four in the afternoon as he is in Bangsar, most probably having lunch or something. And so, we gave up and drove further down Old Klang Road and was lucky to locate another clinic which was open.

Kaelynn complained she was very cold despite
the temperature in the room. Not only that,
she is like her elder sister now, refusing to take
medication unlike when she was younger where
she did not need any coaxing at all.

Lunch near the Faber Towers

Surprisingly, when I left them alone, they were
very talkative to the couple, not being afraid.

This also continued where Kaelynn talked to the
Doctor, asking her questions instead. I overheard
this while I was outside because I can hear her
voice asking, "Why..."

Kaelynn: Daddy, why the Dog sleep like that?
Me: Er, its a hot day today, Dear.

Finally, at Giant, I get to buy this weird
snack. I liked its mascot very much.

Its chicken flavoured but when you put it inside
your mouth, its feels more like soy sauce stuff.

Just another long Sunday


Damansara Jaya Brunch
And right after the Wedding Dinner, we're supposed to have breakfast as well. It was just nice timing that Bangkokboi was there in the dinner yesterday. OK, so I forgot he was Mel's friend as well. Anyhoo, the breakfast place was at Damansara Jaya's new Dim Dum place, which as usual, I forgot the name of. And unfortunately, a certain Miss was missed as well, due to hammers in the head. We did had a swell time, especially the two girls. But knowing the situation, we more or less tried to eat as little as possible since each bamboo basket would cost anything from RM3.00 to RM5.00. The place is packed with a lot of people and I think, its the start of the trend for everyone to wait outisde the restaurant for vacant tables. Luckily, bangkokboi booked ahead, I think and all I had to do was to drive the girls there, and look for parking.

Yeah, he's going to start work in Penang on Monday but with a 50% pay cut. Still, he earns more than me. But I am happy for him as he now has a non-travelling job, and his daughter (in Penang) gets to know him more.

Just look at how much the six of us ate.

The prized item were the eggtarts which was being
prepared at the other end. And also, at that end, a
lot of customers would help themselves to whatever
was being cooked instead of waiting for waiters who
would come to your table with trays of delicious look
-ing dim sum. If I ate whatever I liked, the bill would
be more than RM82. Luckily, I got to share the bill.

We were sitting near the till and all the while, it
never stopped ringing. Which is a good sign and
I hope that it still does the same during the
weekdays as these places get most of their
business during weekends while the rest
of the days, its fly-swatting time.

Kristine enjoying her meal while looking at
a very animated and talkative bangkokboi

However, on the other hand, Kaelynn was not that

Litt Tak Warehouse Sale
After the brunch, we went off to Litt Tak which was having a warehouse sale. But unfortunately, since today was Sunday and also the last day of the sale, I am very confident that most of the "good" stuff was gone. Still, it was nice that Wife (this time round) agreed to go as such places is a very good source of cheap toys for the girls who destroys them at every opportunity.

So, this is the place and judging by the amount of
cars parked, its almost over.

These are the stuff that is NOT on Sale. I just
took this picture when I needed to use their
toilet at the back. But I did not go as far as
rummaging throught the shelves as its not
a very nice thing to do.

Back in the car, both girls were very happy
with their new toys. You can see Kristine's
wicked smile.........

And this is what she got. A set of plastic shoes
(yes, shoes!), a very fragile handbag, a fingernail
set that come complete with a fingernail dryer
(I kid you not but the batteries are not included)
and some shiny fingernail pieces.

Here is another shot of the shoes. Days later, they
would come off and I had to re-insert them all over
again. But just to buy a new pair of shoes, and high
heeled ones, are not a good idea at the moment.

Still, she's happy to bits. But for Kaelynn, this
was something new for her and the plastic
lipstick was the only important object.

As for me, I got this Masked Rider Faiz item which
was being sold for RM5.00. It was there last year
and it was still here this year. At first, its just an
ordinary camera but once you insert the chip, it
allows you to yank the handle out and it becomes
a weapon of some sort. Me? I just bought it because
it can be a crude Tricorder........

And yeah, I bought three.........

This was the shot later in the night
where Kristine got into full dress
*ahem* accessories. Man, at the
age of five, she really knows what
fashion is.

Tropicana Mall
Right after that, we needed to do our shopping for groceries. Unfortunately, the only nearby Hypermarket at this point would be Giant. Since Wife does not fancy this, I decided to go back all the way to PJ, towards Tropicana Mall's Carrefour. I wanted to visit this place for ages ever since it was opened months ago. And so, this is the only chance I would get. The place is not bad and its quite accessible from almost anywhere due to the controversial ramps.

The moment we came up to the Lobby, Toys r Us were
having a sale or something.

As we're all hungry, we decided to stop at one
of those mini restaurants. Here, I realised that
there were actually three restaurants sharing
one premise, and so, I can order Teppanyaki,
Chicken Rice or even other stuff.

First things, first. Drinks for the girls!

And some weird ice-kacang for me

Notice they're using those tadpole jellies again.
This reminds me years ago when I ordered it
and the ice shaving was mostly red from the
strawberry flavouring. What was disgusting
was that they added these tadpoles into it. So,
its like eating those once a month sandwiches....

[I think I took photos of it but I have to search my archives]

After a few minutes, we know that the
fresh orange juice was not 100% orange.
But then again, these drinks are like that.
If you wanted full orange, you'd have to
pay a bit more, plus if they can do it too.

Tom Yam Fried rice for me. Somehow, I still cannot get
over the Teluk Intan version when my Wife took me to
one of those places. It was really delicious compared to
this big plate of crap.

Noodles for Kaelynn

And Hor Fun for Kristine. Notice that both cooking
styles are very similar.

I managed to find tow of this in my fried rice

But in all our three dishes, they used a lot of those
squids. Unfortunately, they also look like backsides

Well, not wanting to wait for ceremony, Kaelynn ate
without much fuss.

While Kristine was seriously

After our Lunch, we went to Carrefour.
And when these two costumed guys
where wheeled into the toys dept, all
the kids forced their parents to take
other routes, mine included as they
are very very scary to the kids. But
this little tike was not afraid at all and
so, he posed for everyone who took
photos. One brave little fella there.

Outside the Carrefour counters, there were a lot
of those minit kiosks selling anything from tid-bits
to pirated Ben10 toys to mobile phone accessories.
This was where I finally saw the Nokia5800 cover
but because the girl was selling at RM35.00, I
realised it was not a good idea and went to buy one
from eBay instead. I went for the Blue version
since my Nokia 5800 was blue. Also, for RM19.00,
I get it delivered to my office but at the cost of a
slight delay of week or two.

Sigh. Kaelynn follows after her elder sister, who
has fears of these rides when they either start
to move or gave out random sounds even when
no buttons were pushed. Here, she rushed out
when the Bob the Builder "Let's fix it" or some
thing, were heard.

Nice Terminator Endoskeleton but once
you get over the initial shock, you'll
notice that whoever assembled the
thing did a haphazard job as I can see
some tubings hanging out for no reason.
Plus, the eyes were not lit.

Although there were quite a number of people in
the Mall, most of the parking spaces are still very
empty. Still, its a nice feeling. But somehow, the
red/gray paint scheme is not my cup of tea.

Why this was placed in a parking lot and without any
fencing, I would never know. But all I do know is that
its very easy for me to just go over and switch off all
the exhaust fans or whatever its connected, OFF.

At the exit, you can either take the ramp to SS2

Since we're all going home, I took the KL route

And it ends up outside the Damansara Kim/TTDI
and NKVE stretch. What a nice idea!

Melissa and Dinesh's Wedding


Well, finally, after so many years, "Mel" has finally got her dreams come true. And this would also be my second time at the Place of the Golden Horses too. The best part of the wedding?

1) Bangkokboi who was due to leave on Monday after finding a new job in Penang was there as well, along with his wife.

2) All six of us had to eat for ten, as my Boss and his wife (as usual) and some unknown couple were not there.

Oh, and the bad, I suppose you want to know:

1) We had to eat to for ten and by the fourth course, we were full. It was also impossible to ask for a few doggy bags to go...........

2) The projector on our side really brings out the bad colours of an otherwise beautiful photos and videos. Unfortunately, my Wife did not want me to walk over to the projector........

3) I met more of ex-colleagues there as well. Since they did not come over, I did not go over to them. Heh

Well........ nice anecdotes

Nice table set ups as well, but, things went horny........

I can't help taking this type of image. Wished I had
a tripod and an invisible camera.........