Fruit blending

We always love to have real fruit juices whenever budget and time allows. But the chore of cleaning the machine afterwards is a bit well, tiring. You have to clean the actual mesh which is full of fruit pulp/pieces. And not only that, there are five parts to it.

So, wife came up with a new idea, which is to blend everything together.....

So, you have a bit of oranges, apples,
some ice and some orange juice for
the taste since I do not want sugar.

And the juice comes from Tropicana which is
RM6.xx a bottle. Hmm....someone dropped it

After a few seconds of blending, everything
is slush. Which I would mix a bit with water
and some more juice.

Everyone loves it, even Kaelynn

One moody Tuesday morning

I have just discovered how Ice Glasiers fail!
Yes, as you can see from the picture above,
this is my 3 in 1 Chek Hup Creamy White
Coffee powder slowly breaking off, grain by
grain, falling and dissolving into the Milo.

So, the coffee powder really emulates a real
life glasier and the answer is now crystal
clear! In order to save the ice glasiers from
melting, we freeze-dry the surrounding sea
water and then pour it back to the top of
the glasier!