A package...........

Just as I came into the office, the Postman rang the bell. And my clerk went down. I thought nothing of it until.......

Clerk: Chow, there is a package for you.....
Me: Huh? I didn't order anything.
Clerk: Well, it has your name on it. Take it! Its heavy!
Me: OK, OK. I wonder what's inside
Clerk: You mean, you don't know? [gasp]
Me: Nope. [Quickly rush to my car and stuff it inside]

So, the next morning, where I had to come in early so as not to
let anyone see what I am doing, I sopened the box. Oh, right.
Its a Fischer-Price baby thingy. Then suddenly, a lightbulb
lights up

Yay! Its the NERF guns Pol won for me from eBay
months ago! Whoo hoo!

Waking up the Monster

This morning is a typical Sunday morning.

This means we all had a very late night.

This also means having to wake up Kristine

And this will also means she will have tantrums

OK, after much prodding and "making" some noise,

she wakes up and yeah, let's out some gas

Luckily, Weenie was her first victim of the day