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Here comes the long weekend!

This is the long weekend I both dreaded and excited about. We wrestled the job of laying the cables back from some a$$hole. Its a long story but I will shorten it (to a few thousand words). Our customer was supposed to find a new place for the office and therefore, we were engaged to relocate their existing PABX, lay new cables and also supply the furniture.

Unfortunately, the customer changed their plans and decided to refurbish their existing office instead. While they were in the midst of planning, someone leaked the news and before you know it, a third party came in and offered their services. While our solution was to lay minimal cables, maintain existing cabling and only expand the PABX when needed, their solution is to rewire the whole office, get in new PABX cards (even if they are not using the phones yet) and use their furniture. What is more infuriating was that they claim to know us well.

So, after our feedback to the customer, they decided it was better for us to do the cabling and the third party to do the furniture. Of course the third party was pissed off because they know that the main profit is from the cabling and not from the furniture. The reason the customer chose us was because we were very frank and professional with our services but mainly because we know their PABX well. OK, another fact is that this third party would engage another contractor to do the PABX as they are more of the middle-men strategy. I know these people a decade ago and I was not happy with their tactics. They would call for service and instead of going to their office, our poor technician would be told to go to their customer further inside Klang.

Another reason for this victory is these Klang people need to be taught a lesson. You cannot come in, stuff your things into the customer's throat and lie to them as well and assume you got the sale. Personally, if I do meet this person, I would give him a very strong message.

Unfortunately, my Boss told me not to go there tomorrow or Sunday if I can help it. Haih

[0600] We're ready to dismantle the cables. Here, my assistant is assisting the unassisted. While waiting for the movers, we split into tow teams; one to do the cabling and the other, to help the customer move all the PCs and printers into another room for safe keeping.

[0700] The movers are here. They were very very late. But this gives us more time. By now, most of the staff have gone home and we can work in peace.

[2100] Almost done! Most of the furnture is gone and we have relocated most of the cables. In the meantime, the customer showed me his new game, Assassin Creed.

[2115] We are done!