Company's Annual Dinner

And so, with the ending of the Year (depending on whose Year or what Year for an excuse) it was time we had our belated Company Annual Dinner. This time, it was at the Mandarin Oriental besides KLCC. We had decided that (for now) it is much better to have ala carte for events and buffet for Company Dinners or "Official" events and so on.

Since I was on leave today and I was "reminded" attend, I have no mood to drive there through the Friday evening traffic. And so, after an errand (more on this later) at Mid-Valley, I saw teh traffic and decided on the next best thing: LRT

I figured that the parking charges and the time taken to go there is not worth it. And so, for RM4.00 (to and fro), it saved me a lot of trouble. Moreover, I am getting a bit late after going to Mi-Valley. Ha ha ha ha!

Me: Boss, where's your wife?
Boss: Sick
Me: Where's the clerk
Boss: Sick. Where your wife?
Me: Sick (ok, she was sleeping)

And so, with our ex-clerk and the part-time accountant, there were only seven of us, instead of the expected twelve or more. Maybe its because of the price or location, many opted not to go to save some money. Or maybe, its just that they're really sick. But still, it was a company event and as a Manager, I have to go. However, by the third helping, everyone was already not into it as the selection was quite "limited". Still, most of us took this opportunity to patch things up and also renew old aquaintances since the arduos last job which took a toll on us.

This is how empty it was, even at 1915 in the evening. I would expect the
LRT to be very crowded since it is a Friday evening. It was nice to be able
to sit at the rear end of the LRT and watch the whole train from there.

And whoa! At the next stop at Central, the train was packed. I gave up
my seat for a Malay couple who insists on having their kid sit at the
rear window. I told them its too dangerous to do that.

The buffet spread at Mandarin Oriental was quite nice. But after going to
the KL Tower and the one at Sunway, for the price, I would have expected
more. But then, this is a Hotel near KLCC regardless of the stars it got. As
usual, I went for the sushi stuff straightaway. Yeah, you would know that
I have not had the time nor cash for sushi the past few months. Ha ha ha

On the second take, it was more on the "warm" food such as the bryani
rice, some tough lamb chops, salads and what nots. But the third take
saw me going back to the sushi stuff, especially the crunchy jellyfish and
the garlic mashed potato. Now, I wished I had brought the crunchy prawn
chili. Too bad there is no Giant Hypermarket around. I should not have
gone for the mousse nor the English Tea ice-cream (tasted a bit like ice-
cream teh tarik). And at the rate they cleared our plates, I have to make
sure all the food I wanted to eat was, eaten. Ha ha ha ha

Took a picture of our part-time accountant's dessert selection.
The lighting was playing havoc with everyone's digital camera's
white balance since we all tried our best to take non-flash shots