The day they came.... III

OK, for Dinner, we're too exhausted to do anything else. But since it was still early, we decided to go to Aeon to have something to eat...

This is very nice. More of like Barbie for post-teens.

And the quality is much much better. The hairstyle is very natural. Shame the same cannot be said for the male version which looked slightly better than Ken with a wig.

Yep, time to get a new pair of shoes. After much searching in there, I finally relented and chose this one due to the size of my feet. Since they have the size but not the width, this was the only series I could find. Took us more than 100 minutes eventhough there was a Sale, going on.

OMG, I never did realise how haggard this pair of mine looked after three years.

Since everyone was still full from the Clownhouse, and there was nothing to fit the bill between a heavy snack and a minimal dinner, we got some stuff from the Food Section. This one was half price since its already past nine.

The girls enjoying their food while someone else looked on

Yep, as usual, she takes the su and I take the shi... in other words, its DBKL time again.

The day they came.... II

OK, this is the second part of the day where, apart from getting the important stuff set-up, we pick up the pieces, something which is getting to be very common with us, especially with the bringing up of the girls.

But first, time for a break and its better than Kit Kat

After much mucking about, it was time for Lunch. We need this break because after this, its more things to do.

Yep, first thing on the list is to fix the tap for the washing machine. The Aeon guys said that the tap is not compatible with the washing machine's adaptor. And so, its time to go to a hardware store...

After an hour and a half in the hardware store, I got this tap for RM100. I mean, I could get it cheaper and sooner but I was trapped by the Salesguy who laments the working condition and his treatment by the Boss's Wife, etc.

OK, I can't do this one but we know there was a problem with the wiring. We were surprised that the circuit breakers did not trip the first time this wall plug was installed. This is bad news and Wife is chewing the contractor's butt on this. Luckily, there was another power point nearby

Next on the list is the toiler which, needs the metal hook fixed. Luckily the guy from the shop gave it so me free. I need to do this fast in case the girls accidentally poo-poo in there and could not flush.

Hmm... what do you think? A dash of white or maybe, cream & brown scheme?

The day they came.... I

Hokay. Today is a very exciting day. Why? Because I said so.

Today is the day where the stuff we bought from the AEON Member's Day arrives. Yes, its about two weeks already but we're not in a hurry. I mean, its good to wait a little bit longer since there was lot of things to do at the office as it is this time of the year.

We're still in a good mood despite the neighbour blocking our entrance the whole day.

Now, pay attention to this lady, people. Not only was she nice to us, she managed to get our stuff through without scratching the neighbour's car.

The moment she rolled up her sleeve, all eyes opened wide...

This was because both the driver and her are the only ones that will REALLY deliver the stuff and also install them.

And she went through all the things with us too

The Fridge is huge and yet she managed to get it in. They're both very professional about it at the end of the day, despite the wrong water tap and faulty power point for the washing machine, it was all working.

The girls were happy to break in the new Fridge....
OK, I did help a bit but I just want to highlight that the Staff from AEON were very very helpful. And if I were to get more things, I would definitely go for them even if there is a SengQ or whatever Ah Kow.Ali shop nearby.

555 notebook

The little notebook that everyone either uses it all the time or, at one point in their lives, encountered one. The 555 Notebook is just a small little notebook with some pages for you to write. And that's all about it. However, why was it so 'famous', I am not sure. But it was one of the most useful ways of keeping tabs on things, as reminders, as lists, etc. That's right. Everyone uses them religiously.

The the PC came and changed everything.

I am not sure how she got one, but it good. Also, I am not going to ask her what she is going to use it for. Maybe she might surprise everyone.


Aaaaahhh.... yet another satisfying experience. This time, its perfect too. The feeling is like something slippery from your body being removed without any pain and yet, you feel that foreign object coming out without any struggle. And its slightly ticklish.

I think the closest feeling I can describe to you is the pulling out of your pinkie from your slightly runny nose. Because the other description below the waist is not appropriate.

Not too hard and not too soft

And not too watery either. This way, when you pull it out, it gives you THAT feeling.