The day they came.... I

Hokay. Today is a very exciting day. Why? Because I said so.

Today is the day where the stuff we bought from the AEON Member's Day arrives. Yes, its about two weeks already but we're not in a hurry. I mean, its good to wait a little bit longer since there was lot of things to do at the office as it is this time of the year.

We're still in a good mood despite the neighbour blocking our entrance the whole day.

Now, pay attention to this lady, people. Not only was she nice to us, she managed to get our stuff through without scratching the neighbour's car.

The moment she rolled up her sleeve, all eyes opened wide...

This was because both the driver and her are the only ones that will REALLY deliver the stuff and also install them.

And she went through all the things with us too

The Fridge is huge and yet she managed to get it in. They're both very professional about it at the end of the day, despite the wrong water tap and faulty power point for the washing machine, it was all working.

The girls were happy to break in the new Fridge....
OK, I did help a bit but I just want to highlight that the Staff from AEON were very very helpful. And if I were to get more things, I would definitely go for them even if there is a SengQ or whatever Ah Kow.Ali shop nearby.

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