24012012 Chinese New Year Day 2

I have come to accept that in the first few days of the Chinese New Year, everyone is busy and well, visiting. Before I got married, it was different. On the first day, it was very quiet right after the Tea Ceremony so I can actually go back and play PC games. And on the second day, it was to visit the relative or vice versa (note the relative is singular) and then its back to the PC games. And for the rest of the week, it was just PC games. And food. Yes, food. After that, it was PC games. Anything else was just mere annoyance.

Now, its different. We do the visiting and also, well, the giving too. But to tell you the truth, I kinda enjoy this more. Because nowadays, I love to have big crowds around me, not because I want to show off but its that feeling of special family warmth which makes me feel at peace and contended. A stark difference which beating an End of Level Boss 1,000 times or finishing dozens of games within a week can even come that close. So, every year, I look forward to these occasions.

Wakey, wakey! Its time!

Within three hours, we're ready and so are the girls.

Yum-yum. Crab apples and oranges.

Mingling with the cousins

Mingling in the pool. Guess who had to go in after them?

Mingling with the fishes

Moments before we kick the kid in...

Mingling with the iPad

Mingling with the mingling crowd

This soup is delicious!

Our own mingling. The Kickapoo trying to mingle with the mandarin oranges