OK, this is it. I am in deep trouble now. The errors on the Hard disk is making the Notebook go nuts a bit. And sometimes, the browser crashes when I needed to get to a site. Switching back to Firefox from Chrome was much better.

But its all too late now.

Celcom has cut off my line and I cannot do anything until tomorrow morning. It just took me over 13 minutes to get to Maybank but its too late at they are "Under Maintenance". Or then again, maybe the line was already cut the night before.

Didn't realise this until I tried to SMS nexus. This damn HDD sucked my weekend away.

Anyway, the messages for some of you are:

The SOB LED is facing a bit of a problem because of the programming software inside the HDD. I might have to reinstall the software again but I would need to get the serial number online. Plus, the shops in Pasar Road gave me the wrong 'rare' ICs so I have to get beck to this weekend.

Kenny G:
Thanks for the Enterprise info.