The trip to Loke Yun

Mom wanted to go to Ampang today because of one shop she saw. It featured Hai Nan Chicken rice and was always sold out. Anyway, so off we went, pickup up clues here and there, like how the shop was there for 20 over donkey years and we missed it. Even my Nokia 5800 couldn't help as the car's V-Kool is blocking out the GPS signals.

By the time we reached the place, it was closed.
It was closed since about mid-day, I think.

So, we went to some shop which we saw when we
were nearby. And someone ordered this:
Pork shoulder. Wow. Delicious!

Also, we ordered other weird stuff. But the marmite
chicken was no where as good as the shop bankgok-boi
showed us. Hmm.... been a long time since I last spoke
to him too.

Making a meal out of oats

I unexpectedly came back to the house for lunch and saw my Mom cooking instant noodles for the kids again. Since I was in a hurry, I made myself some oats (yeah, I am starting to get addicted to it) and it was delicious. Only problem was, I was too full and lazy to go back to work again. But I must.

So, this time, its the usual crispy prawn chili and some
onions, mixed with the chicken flavoured powder.

Yum-yum! If it wasn't so hot, I would have
drunk it like some Guiness malta.