Pakcik calling.....

"Ni p'cik guna kad orng,tolng isikan p'cik top up RM 30 dinumber baru p'chik ni nom 0128140146,pasal p'cik ade kes dibalai polis boleh tak cepat sikit beli."

Translation: Uncle is using other people's number, please help top up RM30 onto my new number 0128140146, as Uncle is at a Police Station can you hurry up buy it.

I am not sure if this is true or not since the "other people's number" starts with +62, which is Indonesia. And the Devil in me wanted to text back, "Ha. Padan muka kau, p'cik. Tipu org lagi, Masuk balai la." [Translation: Seves you right, Uncle. Bluff people some more, you'll end up in the Police Station."

But I decided to ignore it completely. That is the problem with phone scams and if you do reply them, thay know, their bait has worked. And if its a genuine case, that p'chik will call back or something since he already has my number. Moreover, I don't know any Uncle in Indonesia. And the ones I know are either 'gone' (OK, industrial accidents in the most gruesome way) or are still here.

So, I just let it rest at that and think of a new topic for my blog.

Heck. I just did.

Happy New Year 2011

Wow. You guys are still here? Truth to be told, I am a bit busy at the moment as I am still trying to adjust my "Internet" time ever since Kristine has gone to Primary School.

Yeah, every night I come back, I only have enough energy to crawl around and sleep at any dark corner I see.

But lots of posts coming up soon.... hopefully.