29032012 The Day Kaelynn fell

It was a normal day, with nothing exciting since by this time, everyone has or rather, used to the new schedule which revolves around my Mother. But something happened today, which made me quite worried...
After fetching Kristine to school, I came back and made sure that Kaelynn finishes her homework which she was too tired to do on the night before.

And this is her homework, which I wanted her to give her best effort because...
If we do not pay attention, her characters can turn into aliens
By the time I picked Kaelynn up, her eyes were red from crying. The Teacher said she fell while trying out for the Sports.

From Kaelynn's description, she was the first to complete the circuit while all her otehr classmates were lagging behind. But when the Teacher asked her to go for the second round, she tripped. The left palm was the most serious injury followed by both legs. I have ever seen because during my time, it was only on the knees. And oh, the Blue iodines hurt like the dickens.
Still, she was not fazed by all this and as a reward, I got her some ice-cream. Kristine also had hers because...
she made very nice drawings with the crayons
Despite her injuries, she put Kristine's matter is the higher priority.
Time for lunch, which is a simple pasta dish but with some crab sticks and sausages which the girls loved.

And they also love to mix cheese into the pasta too.
As for me, since there was a lot of leftovers...

Mommy changing Kaelynn's dressing on the wounds
Sorry. Inside jokes.
Not good for the Public

Money from Kaelynn

Daddy, I give you this money
because you have no money...

Sigh. Not working mean money is tight. And no one wants part-timers and at my age too.

The Bad News

Stage 4, 4 lesions in Liver. Cancer Markers in Liver and Lungs.

Biopsy - Determine type of Cancer. There is 1% chance of danger because of aspirin which Mom is taking now to thin blood. But already know 99.9% is Cancer and is Advanced stage.

Too old and weak for Chemo due to bladder stones, stroke and aneuryism even if did, is months and also suffering.

Alternative is Paliative care with pain killers. 1 year tops.

Too shocked to cry. Work on Cylon. Screwed up one board and lost 4 0603 LEDs.

Tomorrow blood test at seven, then 10-11 Doctor will come but performing Biopsy is Radiologist.

Dad says will do whatever necessary to fight. Doctor says we make decision but the result is still the same.