The Bad News

Stage 4, 4 lesions in Liver. Cancer Markers in Liver and Lungs.

Biopsy - Determine type of Cancer. There is 1% chance of danger because of aspirin which Mom is taking now to thin blood. But already know 99.9% is Cancer and is Advanced stage.

Too old and weak for Chemo due to bladder stones, stroke and aneuryism even if did, is months and also suffering.

Alternative is Paliative care with pain killers. 1 year tops.

Too shocked to cry. Work on Cylon. Screwed up one board and lost 4 0603 LEDs.

Tomorrow blood test at seven, then 10-11 Doctor will come but performing Biopsy is Radiologist.

Dad says will do whatever necessary to fight. Doctor says we make decision but the result is still the same.

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