Wet Engine

There was a heavy downpour yesterday while I was busy re-installing a customer's PBX in Sri Damansara. By the time I left, it was still raining. Because the rain was so "sudden" most of the area nearby were flooded.

Anyway, since my customer was located on the high ground, there was nothing to worry about. Until I turned into a corner and went straight into a one foot deep puddle............

The force was so great that my car's engine "swallowed" a lot of water. As it was about to stall in the middle of the puddle, I went into low gear to try to keep the engine from dying. Once we're out of it, my car acted like it was already about to give up the ghost. It had problem trying to move, even in the first gear. And the exhaust was giving white smoke. Opening the hood, the whole engine bay was wet as expected. And the air filter was wet too. So, there is nothing I could do but to pull the car by the side and hope the engine is hot enough to evaporate some of the water. For the rest of the hour, it was a long struggle back to the office. I had to rev the engine all the time.

So, the damage was:
-Water in the engine (suspected) via air filter
-Water in the distributor cap (I think)
-The black vinyl lining under the bumpers, well arcs, etc. were pushed back and were scraping the ground.

By the time I got back to the office, I got a clearer picture of the damage:
-Front license plate broke in half

Then when I went home, I discovered the reason why I found a loose bolt near my car (and threw it away). It held the left wheel arc metal piece and my side-skirt together. The force of the water pushed it out.

Anyway, after a visit to YS's workshop, everything was fine because the damage was not so extensive. Most of the water had been boiled off during the better part of the day and there was no water in the engine (Hooray!). So, I was told to run the car for a few days and if the problem persists, come in again.

My damage this time?
-Cost of new spark plugs (Hooray! I am going to get the NGK Platinums again)
-Two new bolts
-The sound from my exhaust is a bit rough, like there is a hole.
(sometimes, my car sounds like a Subaru now)

On the way to YS..........
Spotted this poor Kenari at the Federal Highway

The fender and fibre came out but I pushed it back before taking the photo

And this............. sob! sob!

The car was so slow, even a queue jumper got in without any effort

Kristine goes to the Park

I was back early and so, after much persuading, I took Kristine to the park while the rest of the family took a break (or escape)

She likes the slides

And the likes the Tic-Tac-Toe

And suddenly, what's this?
"A sound I hear!"

"Aha! A boy!"

"I want to meet him up close!"


"Haiya! He ran off!"

"OK, let's get on another horse to catch him!"

"He's not here either"

"Aha! There he is!"

"Its time for a little shortcut"

"Almost there........."

"Hello! What's your name?"

"Stop pulling me! I don't want to meet your parents!"

"OK, his big sister is here, I cannot bully him"

System Installation @ Batu Pahat

Sorry I was a bit busy for the past few days. We had to go to Batu Pahat to install a PBX system. And as usual, the load of crap I had to face:

- The contractors we behind schedule on the renovations. This means we have to return sometime next week for the remaining phones
-Someone received the delivered the stocks before we arrived but hid them somewhere else
-The Main Distributor fucked up as they forgot two interface cards
-The ppl there actually do not like to work Ovetime so we had to work as fast as we can

On Friday afternoon, we started off the trip with an emergency visit to Seremban as they had some problems with their lines there. With that out of the way, we continued our journey. The trip took us about three and a half hours, with rest stops (yes, its sleepy-boring when driving for more than 20 minutes) and the last leg of the journey, a very slow 30KM drive moving off from the Highway towards town.

Anyway, we arrived in the evening before they closed for the day. Enough time for me to assess the damag...... er, I mean, progress. The contractors have laid all the necessary cabling for the new extensions. But not for the remaining room. The schedule says the room should be ready tomorrow, with tables and the additional cabling, and latest by Sunday. Yeah right. They're way behind schedule.

After consulting the customer and verifying the floorplans, we checked into our Hotel.

On the next day (Saturday), the technicians from the Distributor arrived and after some searching, we found the stocks and opened them. And to my Horror, two interface cards were not packed. So, after some phone calls, the Distributor couriered the cards to us via some Bus Service. (How, I am not sure and I don't want to know). It would have been a great help if the Distributor's Johor branch could help but the Manager there is more concerned about the overtime and travelling costs of sending his technicians here. By afternoon, we have completed the installation. I could go back home but because of the left out cards, we had to stay for another night. And there is also another matter about getting some staff to open the door for us since tomorrow is a Sunday. The Manager asked around but no one was interested in doing overtime. So, it boiled down to the two reluctant beautiful girls to get the job done. The were happy to do it once I convinced them that they do not have to be there the whole Sunday; just open the doors for us, and we'll call you when we're finished.

On the last day, the cards came about 1130 in the morning and this completes our installation.

[Update: 27.03.2006]
The customers were panicking because the Distributor's promise to me to have a technician on standby on Monday did not materialise. So, after much phone calls, the Johor Branch (reluctantly) will send his technician on Tuesday.

This is the problem we face because as consultants to this projects, we literally have to count on the Distributor to get the job done. And lately, our installations were not so smooth.

This is their old system. On the right are the new cables and junction box

Once the new system is up, we took the old one off
We also transferred all the Telekom lines too

And the old system is ready to be boxed up and stored away

A courier who delivered the cards (with his family)

Pictures from Batu Pahat

OK, here are some photos I took while I was in Batu Pahat.

This is dried mushroom made into crisps.
It is pepper flavoured and I loved it
But my Wife said, its full of MSG

I can't fiddle with the Hotel's TV controls
as they were all in Russian

Some fruits I bought, which no one in the office was interested

This is a toy I got for Kristine
The sound is quite weird and cute at the same time
Once I know how to upload the sound you can hear it

One good thing about small towns is that you can find alot of things
not sold in bigger towns.......... until I realise the shop is called The Store

This is so hilarious but I was hooled on the spinning barrel
Once I get some batteries (not from the camera), I' ll update
this with another picture

And this, my little Darlings, is the coveted toy I wanted three years ago
It sells for RM99 but with a 50% discount, I couldn't resist it
even if it means not having dinner that night

Here is another shot of the box

Really taste like Lemon Cheesecake if you close your eyes

Rainy Day

It started to rain at about nearly 3pm in Ipoh today, and when I finished my task, it was already 4 in the afternoon. While I was driving back to my Office in Kepong, it was still raining. Even on the highway, it was quite heavy and visibility was limited to less than 5-metres. And it did not stop until about 10PM at night. Wow.

Can you see the truck in front?

No? Here is a closer look

Still no? OK, this is about, what, 40 metres?

When it gets heavy, some stupid drivers would start
to use the hazard lights, like the one on the right
This is very dangerous because, if visibility was poor,the
other drivers would think he has stopped in the middle of
the road or when he needs to change lanes, other drivers
would not know of his intention. OK, I let him off with a loud
horning. Heh

Goodies from Pasar Road

OK, this bog was a week late as I was (and also am) quite busy. I went t Pasar Road the other day and the guy a one ship confirmed that they have already started to sell Luxeon (copycats) LEDs. So, I am going to vey happy in a few months time. After asking his permission, I began to take photos of the LEDs on display (some might not be on sale).

One thing about Pasar Road is that there are a nlot of components which you can cheaply purchase for your own R&D projects (which are not Medical). But many flocked to Pasar Road because of one fact: Cheap components. However, many do not realise that the components sold thre are not often of good quality. Another problem is reliability. So, I can bet you that when you take stuff to repair, chances are, the repair guy would think of Pasar Road as the first place to search for the replacement part.

However, sometimes, there are genuine stuff which can be bought, usually for a bargain. But you must know what you are buying. But once your projects are successful, I would reccomend you to buy the actual stuff either at RS Catalogues in Shah Alam or Farnell in PJ (yeah, if you do no t want to go to Shah Alam).

The Luxeon LEDs and a SMT LED array
For the price here, I could get almost three compared to the one I got from Farnell

Here they are again, lighted up

And some new LEDs with decorative lens

A closer shot

Whoooo! LED bars!

Some bulb replacement LEDs and LCDs

Google buys SketchUp

What is this, you ask. Well, the company that created SketchUp, @last software, has been bought by Google. SketchUp is a great software which allows you to create 3D objects, without having to read thick boring manuals. I tried this demo software months ago and I can tell you, it was fun to use. That is, until the 8 hours is up.

Still, I am hoping they would be free instead of the USD495 (RM1,833.46) price tag. Here is the FAQ for those who are interested. And I am still trying to save, in like, 10 years time. Ha ha ha ha ha

While in Seremban

I saw this building with a very attractive wall weathering
Just like some worn futuristic fort right out from Star Wars

Scum of the Earth

When one goes to a Shopping complex, their main object is to either purhase an item/s or just to have a looksee on the latest products. So, its going to be an enjoyable evening because I have not been to 1-Utama for ages. As my appointment was at 8PM, I had about two hours to spare. So, I decided to have a nice stroll to all my favourite shops (except ToyCity where their sales staff always follow you around as if you're a thief).

As the appointed time was near, I began to search for my friends via SMS (its cheap, ok?) and I happened to pass by some booth promoting credit cards. Knowing the potential trap, I decided to walk fast to avoid those fleas...er, promoters.

But I was not fast enough and sure as heck, one worked itself loose from the group and pounced on me.

Him: Excuse me, would you a credit card?
Me: No, thanks (and I waved him off)
Him: Do you have a credit card? (He tried to match my speed)
Me: I already have one. Thank you (Walking faster)
Him: You do which one do you have? (He also tried walking faster)
Me: Its Citibank, ok (I am starting to get annoyed)
Him: Well, this has a lifetime bla.. bla.. bla..
Me: Please, la (Me black faced already)
Him: Bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..

Then I stopped suddenly, turned about, faced him and shouted in his face;


It was so loud that everyone turned around and looked at us. The promoter was shocked and the only thing he could utter was a dismal, "what". He had this look of disbelief, you know, the kind of look where your Mother in Law/Grandmother/Boss/cat/dog caught you naked coming out of the shower. Then I walked off, as if nothing happened while everyone looked at him. (I think I heard someone clapping in the distance but I was not sure)

One thing that came out from this was, (although I had a slight sore throat after this) the great and wonderful feeling of some heavy burden suddenly being lifted away. And for the rest of the night, I slept peacefully too.

Toycity Carelessness

Look, I know you have a lot of branches in many shopping complexes.
I also know you have a lot of staff who likes to follow people around the store
I also know that if you put plastic in front of a hot spotlight almost 12 hours a day is stupid

How am I going to be your customer if you don't even know how to take care of your products?
And tell your staff to stop playing with those remote control cars when they are bored

Warped windscreen and melted tires

The Michelin Man

It is not easy to attract girls if you have the wrong kind of rubber on

The Candy store

I was in Rawang today and suddenly I saw this shop

Looked like an ordinary candy shop, right?

What if you took out an "i"?
Wouldn't sound so delicious after that

The Teluk Intan 4.2 Lap Marathon

Mommy is busy feeding Kristine

But Kristine has other ideas

"Let's move the stool away"

"For my 4.2 lap marathon run!"

"My second lap and Mommy is tired from chasing me"

"My third lap and three spoonfuls later"

"My final lap and yes, I am running in the wrong direction"

"Oho! What have we here........"

"Let's go for a closer look"

"Aha! Miss Auntie is going away, so I can...."

"Speak to this hensem guy here"

"Hello! A little privacy, please."

"So, you want to go out on a date?"

"Oh well, its time to get some rest
See how clever I am?"

"And this is the other shoe"

"And what a productive days it was. Ha ha ha"