All your Base are belong to us!

Remember the KopyKat bases I got some time ago? Well, here it is again. Sorry it took so long as work is kinda busy for me. Anyway, now I have the time, I can now go over the model kit with you.

These bases are originally from Kotobukiya who, not only makes excellent ArtFX statues, model kits, Armoured Core, other mechas but also 'universal parts' for robot models. One example would be their Mechanical Base series which allows you to build your own base or diorama in as big as you need it to be. In other words, they are expandable/stackable. And not only that, these bases are good enough for a 1/144 or a 1/100 scale robot.

Depending on the type of base you buy, the number
of accessories
that comes with it changes too. For
example, this base has a higher wall and so, needs
some parts to make it stick to the floor base. And
not only that, it comes with some very nice freight

When I say the wall is higher, it is higher. Here, it
is being compared to a 'normal' wall which is on the
left. Oh, the bottom part is to clip on to the left wall
to make it higher and also, stackable.

Imagine if I were to be able to get my hands on
an original Kotobukiya version. I mean, just look
at the details on these freight containers and also,
the hover truck.

Again, depending on the model base you choose,
the actual floor part is also very different. I have
a personal liking for the base on the right.

See what I mean about having the need to use
extra parts to stick the wall to the base? Then
again, this is not a problem for most people.

The walls are stackable...

all thanks to this little part. But there is nothing
a drop of glue can't do as well.

You can expand your base horizontally...

Or in different shapes. But please do note that there
are some problems about not
able to cover the
whole wall. This is where
drops of glue and saw
comes into play...

Approved Vandalism

Please be advised that the Home Ministry has approved the application to make beautifuls of toilet for make benefit glorious girls of Kristine and Kaelynn.

It all started with the cutesy eyes which melted
our hearts. OK, that was not true but I wanted
to post this picture.

And so, the vandalism began
or rather, controlled vandalism
since we do not want them to
plaster the stickers all over the

Each girl gets to put their own stickers but Kristine
being Kristine, snuck in an additional one....

3E Electronics 25 years on

Sometimes, it is sad to come back to a place which brings a lot of memories. Not because I am sentimental but when one just happens to be there, memories would start flowing back to you. Take for example, this shop which is located on the top floor of Ampang Park. In the eighties to the nineties, it was the best place for electronic stuff at this part of town.

At that time, there were three locations which I usually frequent; Kwong Tung building, Sungei Wang and Ampang Park. Initially, it 3E started out with electronics, which sells electronic components and project kits. Being a member of the school's Electronics Club I tend to go to these places as often as my Parents could take me. A decade later, they ventured into computers, which was where I got my Apple II clone.

But come late 90's and after the Millenium, they have all but disappeared. I have many times wondered where they have gone but there are no leads at all.

Alas, this is not 3E but another shop selling
electronics stuff. A year ago, this shop was
still operating and I got fleeced for some
components which we needed. The again,
it was an emergency.