Pentel Ergonomic Winggrip 0.5mm Pencil

In less than 10 days, this arrived on my desk. There is a long story behind it but let's just say, both of us blamed the postal office of either country and he is Gentleman enough to include another pencil for me since I am kind enough to trust him and make another purchase on eBay.

But nowadays, I have to take into consideration that out of 10 purchases, only one might not make it here due to it being missing en route. I could make it a point to have it registered and so on but most of my purchases are less than the postage itself.

Anyway, I have seen this pencil years ago before and I did not take much heed until recently when I lost my RM9.50 Pentel FlexFit II 0.5mm mechanical pencil. I took it badly because this was the first time I ever bought a mechanical pencil that was more than RM4.00 and two, because it quickly became my favourite as it was very comfortable to hold.

I chose white because it looked very nice compared to
black. But other websites now have it in orange, blue
and so on as they are limited editions.

Although the silver parts convinces you that its made
of metal, its not. But it does look futuristic, though.

And here is the Wing part from the namesake Winggrip.
You just flip it out like so. And see the white square at
the top near the wing's pivot point? Its the mechanism
for you to adjust the height of the wing so that it fits
comfortably in your hand and the revolving barrel
also makes it easier to obtain a more comfy grip.

Normally, when you hold a pen, you will mostly
grip it like this. After writing for quite awhile,
your hands will start to feel tired.

But thanks to Professor Noro of Ergoseating
this design, allows you to write effortlessly.
But when it comes to sketching, it takes some
getting used to as I need to make the pencil
move up and down, which is hampered by the
wing. On writing, its OK. Just that I have never
written so many words in one sitting since my
schooling days. So, it feels ackward.