Four hours to 1300

There is a real reason why people like us prefer to work after hours where cabling and installations are concerned. This is so that we can work in peace without customers bothering us or complaining this or that thing did not work, etc. Because, we would have to stop doing OUR work to see to your complains or other requests. And if we refuse, they would complain that we're being rude, etc.In then end, we would waste a lot of unnecessary time even though we have notified their office of our work schedules. So, I have to strict on this.

As always, there are compromises and most importantly, we have to take charge. Just like in this customer. My crew have already laid the new cables, checked everything is ready and compromised with the customer that we will be here on Saturday 0900 to switch over to the new cables and server rack. This was because on Thursday, no one was interested in staying back to let us work exactly after 5pm.

Once I have given the green light, we started the work of relocating all
the things on the floor to the new server rack. While doing this, I would
be on hand to deal with the customer's staff who would come and start
making noises. "Speak to the Hand", I would love to say that to them.

Finally, its done and right on time too. But we would have to come back
on Monday in case of teething problems and also, to redo some of their
old cables which have plastic clips snapping off.

What do you mean you want the Safe moved
by today? I am not finished yet, OK?I will tell
you when to move. And that is on Monday, if
its OK by you. (Ha ha ha ha ha!)